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Our IT makes your supply chain predictable
Yellowstar is a software company, founded to make logistic processes predictable and transparant.

Result: Social Supply Chain solutions in the cloud, connecting both your internal and external chain parties. Your Supply Chain can be shorter and faster!

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Yellowstar provides overview, insight and control

Improve the logistics chain together

Every user in the supply chain can create their own dashboard. This way you see supply chain problems arising early and everyone can intervene independently. Only together you can continuously improve the logistics chain.

Stop wasting time, money and goods

Yellowstar connects all the people in the chain with social and mobile apps. This way you avoid errors, returns, unnecessary kilometers, senseless actions and endless discussions. Stop wasting time, money and goods!

Gain more time for customers

IT automation is a party! Connecting all people in the supply chain reduces the administrative workload significantly and leaves your employees with more time to invest in the customer relationship. Plan yourself a smile!

What makes Yellowstar unique?


Not the technique, but the people play a central role

With IT for Social Supply Chain you will create a party on the work floor every day. Our consultants take your people along in the process to remove the resistance to change. We use the Scrum method to work with short-cycle project deliveries and create support within your organization.


Because you want to use all the possibilities of the internet

Yellowstar wants to make the logistics chain and underlying processes predictable by allowing organizations and people to share knowledge and insights. We achieve this through modules and web-based portals which we easily integrate with your existing systems.


Never dependent on your software supplier

We use the web technology from Oracle (APEX). With this 'open source' technology we can develop and manage your web application simply, fast and safely. You have control over your own systems so that you can connect your changing supply chain partners yourself.

Yellowstar Products


Star Flow

Supply Chain Management and Collaboration

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Star Connect

Logistical System Integration through ESB

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Star Access

Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility portal

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Star Talk

Social Supply Chain Communication Module

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Star Frame

Logistics Toolbox

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Star Insight

KPI Dashboard - Control Tower Logistics

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Yellowstar Services

Yellow Advice

Supply Chain Consultancy

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Yellow Sprint

Project Customisation with Scrum

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Yellow Support

Application/Managed Services and Hosting

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Markets in which we operate

Production, trade and retail

Chain collaboration and transparency contribute to real-time chain insight

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Logistics suppliers

The use of different modalities requires ultimate chain collaboration

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A dynamic world requires a grip on logistics costs and deadlines

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Capital-intensive goods must be used optimally and require a reliable delivery

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With Star Access we can give our customers insight into relevant processes. Everyone looks at the same information. This saves a lot of duplication, which means we can accelerate our supply chain processes and improve margins.
Through the integrated track & trace option, every employee worldwide has real-time and 24/7 insight into the transport status and the location of the goods. Every employees also gets immediate access to all important transport documents, such as: CMR, images, certificates, Boxlist, Pro-forma invoice, etc.
Boskalis Westminster

Yellowstar - always on the move


Blokker’s supply chain fully transparent with help from Yellowstar

Over a period of six months, retail chain Blokker has completely restructured its supply chain from the Far East. Using Yellowstar’s Star Flow Supply Chain, every order is now fully transparent and controllable, from the factory in China to the warehouse in Geldermalsen. Read the case study.

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News & Events

Future supply chains require a new approach

Anyone who can proactively anticipate at the front end of increasingly complex chains, will avoid situations of being overtaken by developments and having to solve problems in the subsequent links. In other words ‘management by reception’ instead of ‘management by exception’.

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Rensa Family Company improves its services with the Star Connect connector block

To optimize internal processes, a Yellowstar data integration solution was recently put into use. This technology allows Rensa Family Company to continue to innovate and improve its services.

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