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Our IT makes your logistics predictable

Yellowstar makes both your inbound and outbound supply chains fully predictable and transparent. Just as easily, we can also realise customised software solutions for intermodal transport management systems (TMS), dynamic planning boards, terminal operating systems (TOS) and customer or carrier portals for you. Our software enables you and your chain partners to seamlessly cooperate 24/7. The result: demonstrably greater efficiency, improved service provision, less waste and lower costs.

IT in which people come first

We believe in social IT solutions. Our software puts your employees and chain partners in control. Customisable dashboards make it possible for all parties to act independently. From entering orders and uploading documents to operational schedules and much more. Thanks to real-time insight into the chain, each link is always able to proactively manage and adjust. Everyone's job becomes more fun and attractive.

For logistics, manufacturing, trade and retail

We greatly enjoy working for both logistics service providers and for companies active in manufacturing, trade and retail. We connect your own departments with customers, suppliers and/or transport companies in real time. Depending on your requirements, we create an extra shell on top of existing internal systems, realise a new execution system for you or enrich your existing system with logistics modules.

Your logistics chain will truly improve

24/7 real-time insight into your supply chains

Optimal cooperation and coordination with all your chain partners

Full control over your orders from factory to delivery

Easily connect customers and chain partners to your system

A complete overview in one single application

Significant cost savings, increased productivity in less time

Faster delivery times, lower stocks, improved inventory management

Reduced administrative burden, more time for your customers

Enthusiastic, motivated employees

Yellowstar - always on the move


Logistics service provider CJ Hendriks Group also unburdens customers regarding IT through Star Connect

CJ Hendriks Group specialises in complex logistics. It aims to completely unburden customers regarding IT as well in that respect. By means of Star Connect from Yellowstar, the company independently realises system interfaces with clients for the direct submission of orders.

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Boskalis organises its global logistics with Star Flow Supply Chain

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading, globally operating dredging company, offshore contractor and maritime service provider. The company uses Star Flow Supply Chain to reliably and efficiently organise the logistics of all articles destined for Boskalis’ many projects and own ships.

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Dear purchasers, please consider the logistics

Everything for the customer. Ultimately, that is the primary focal point for every company.
In modern marketing, this is supported by buyer and customer journeys that help to provide insight into every step in a purchase process and can be organised in such a manner that they result in permanently happy customers.

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What makes Yellowstar unique

In our approach, people come first

We know IT and logistics

A customised solution for every customer

Fast, web-based implementations

Short-cycle scrum approach

Implementable on top of existing systems

Proven track record

Automation becomes fun for everyone

Leader in 24/7 deployable new technologies

Plan yourself a smile