Star Flow Supply Chain

Control of any chain for you and your end customer

Real-time inventory management and faster delivery times through chain collaboration

Star Flow Supply Chain offers shippers, producers, trading companies, retailers and 4PLs control of the logistics of any trade chain. Real-time insight into stocks and orders, will give you control of the entire inbound and outbound flow through proactive alerts with options for monitoring and adjusting. Waste will become a thing of the past and delivery reliability is guaranteed. Together with your chain partners you can quickly anticipate any changes in the chain and in the demand. You have permanent control over your logistics chain, with maximum flexibility and higher profit margins.

People take central stage

Both end customers and all relevant links (warehouses, service organizations, transporters, logistics service providers, etc.) can be easily connected to Star Flow Supply Chain via the internet or by means of a system link. This allows each party to act with optimum effectiveness, both independently and in interaction with the others. A control tower gives every participant in the chain real-time insight and offers the possibility to adjust at any time. Proactive alerts allow ample time to prevent problems and to inform parties about a possible plan B. People take central stage and always receive information at the best moment and in the form that suits them best. Any problems in the chain will be nipped in the bud. If your employees can do what they are good at they will offer real added value. From production to stock management to delivery: each step in the logistical process will flow seamlessly into the next. Both you and your end client will be able to enjoy a fully transparent chain and be able to achieve maximum results.

Directly on top of existing ERP systems

Star Flow Supply Chain can be implemented directly on top of existing ERP systems. While an ERP system streamlines internal processes, Star Flow Supply Chain facilitates cooperation with the many external parties in the logistics chain of a company. It is no longer necessary to communicate with them via e-mail and Excel. As a supplement to an internal ERP system, this is often daily practice. However, it makes any real-time insight and proactive adjustment of the logistics chain impossible.

To be arranged at your own discretion

Shippers, producers, trading companies, retailers and 4PLs can organize Star Flow Supply Chain entirely according to their own insight and needs, if desired also in their own house style. To chain partners this will be like working directly in the company’s ERP system. In reality, communication is through Star Flow Supply Chain.


Star Flow Supply Chain gives you control of your chain

Strongly improved chain cooperation

You and your customers have continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Through visibility faster delivery times

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Spend 20% less time on controls

A structured overview ensures central logistics planning and insight into deviations

Chain parties can easily connect

You decide for yourself with which logistics links you want to share and collaborate with

Transport costs savings of 10%

Through more efficient communication between logistics and other departments

Logistics stock management

Fewer re-orders: minimize the chance of untraceable or lost goods

What customers think about Star Flow

“The link to Ortec, the TMS and the on-board computers enables us to avoid redundant actions, so that we can reduce the number of kilometres driven and our CO2 emissions, while also increasing the reliability and flexibility of our delivery service.”
Broekman Logistics
“The web portal, which is linked to the WMS, provides both us and our clients with real-time information on stock levels and improves our insight into the chain. We decide which functionalities and information is available to our end clients.”

How STAR FLOW works


For whom is Star Flow Supply Chain intended?

  • Shippers
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics service providers
  • Trade companies
  • Retailers

Does Star Flow include WMS, TMS, Order Management and Freight Management?

Yes; Star Flow contains all core elements of a standard WMS, OMS, FMS and TMS system.

Is Star Flow Supply Chain an information platform?

Yes; it enables you to exchange all desired information with each and every link in your chain. The parties in your chain, in turn, can then share that information with their partner links (clients, suppliers, etc.).

Is Star Flow Supply Chain built on the basis of web-socket technology?
Yes; the information is always up-to-date, provided in real time and centrally available without the need to refresh your screen.

Is Star Flow Supply Chain built on the basis of web-socket technology?

Yes; the information is always up-to-date, provided in real time and centrally available without the need to refresh your screen.

Is Star Flow Supply Chain a web-based solution?

Yes; this means you will have access to your information around the clock via the browser on any of your devices.

How does the integrated warehouse app crossdock++ work?

Star Flow features an integrated warehouse module and corresponding app, so that you know exactly what's in stock at each warehouse location in the chain. What's more, bottlenecks will be pro-actively reported by the relevant party in the chain, allowing you to take the appropriate response in time.

In project-based logistical operations, you can also use the warehouse module to set up warehouses anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. The manager of your warehouse or pop-up depot will have effective centralised oversight. He or she can download and install the warehouse app on their smartphone, after which they are immediately ready to scan shipments, pick and pack, take photos and submit non-conformance reports (NCRs). This allows you to see the current stock at each location.

How can you manage your chain according to the established guidelines?

You want to manage your chain in keeping with the logistical scenarios defined in advance. Other parties in your chain can then structure these scenarios according to the established administrative and logistical steps in order to manage the process as efficiently as possible. The workflow module reports any deviations or bottlenecks and submits pro-active notifications to the relevant internal departments and parties in the logistical chain.

Does Star Flow Supply Chain operate in the cloud?

Yes; Yellowstar takes care of the hosting and offers a 99% uptime guarantee. You also have the option of installing Star Flow Supply Chain in your own environment. 

How does Star Flow Supply Chain fit into the Star Suite?

Star Flow Supply Chain utilises all products from Yellowstar's Star Suite. It is also possible to add specific supply chain elements based on your individual desires.

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