Star Connect

Quickly and efficiently connect systems through digital power strip

Exchange data in real time with all your chain parties

You want to optimally communicate with customers and chain partners
Securely and reliably exchange data
Easily connect your systems to those of others for this
Also be able to realise connections yourself
And always have real-time insight into the operation of your data communication

But how can you achieve that?

With Star Connect, you can quickly and securely connect your systems to the systems of other parties. Whether these are customers, suppliers or other links in the logistics chain. The sky is the limit! Via Star Connect’s digital power strip (ESB, Enterprise Service Bus), you can realise interfaces with ERP systems, logistics management systems (TMS, WMS, TOS), community systems and parcel service systems. Star Connect converts data into the appropriate format for each connected party. This makes chain collaboration much easier and more efficient.

Interfaces for each specific situation

Yellowstar has extensive knowledge of and experience with quickly and practically realising the most diverse interfaces via Star Connect, ranging from ready-made standard plugs to customised solutions. Links are always optimally geared to the specific business situations of all stakeholders. Each party can continue to work in their own IT environment and from there send and receive the desired data. Furthermore, Star Connect offers you self-reliance. After the first implementation(s), you are able to connect subsequent parties to the power strip as you see fit. And if more complex integrations are involved, you can count on the support of Yellowstar if desired. Of course, you can also trust the entire interface process to Yellowstar.

Real-time dashboard

In Star Connect, you can monitor all data communication in real time through an extensive dashboard that can be set up according to your own wishes. Thanks to proactive alerts, you can immediately react should any deviations occur. In addition, you can further expand or restrict the data traffic yourself. Star Connect also provides all linked companies with their own dashboard for 24/7 information about data traffic. You decide who is eligible for this and receives access.


Time savings

Automatic message exchange saves you time and prevents errors

Optimal chain collaboration

You can create connections with all your chain parties

Proactive actions

Via your own dashboard, you have 24/7 control and alerts allow you to quickly react to deviations

Reliable and secure

Linking can be done in any desired message format and according to any security protocol

Easy to connect

You can easily realise system connections yourself with new chain parties

In control

Via User Management, you decide who gets access with which rights

What customers think about Star Connect

"When reading an EDI message, Star Connect can enrich this data with information from other systems, both from Yellowstar, third-party systems and other parties in the chain; such as geographical location information."

How star connect works

Frequently asked questions

How does Star Connect work?

Star Connect is a communication platform (ESB) for the electronic exchange of data. You can connect all your own applications and the applications of your chain partners to this digital power strip. Through cross value data, mapping and/or enrichment, Yellowstar ensures seamless data exchange. Each connected party receives the messages in the format that is appropriate for their system environment. Proactive dashboard alerts allow for the easy monitoring of data traffic in that respect. As a result, your processes always run smoothly. Star Connect is the director for logistics system integration between you and all your chain parties. Everyone has the freedom to select the applications that best suit their operational management. Pure profit!

Can Yellowstar take care of hosting?

Yes, hosting via Yellowstar means being completely unburdened. You do not need to worry about the operation of Star Connect. We guarantee the availability. We do this conform a previously agreed-upon service level agreement (SLA). You do not have to invest in your own hosting infrastructure, specialist knowledge and operational support. Read all the benefits in our article about hosting at Yellowstar.

Is Star Connect always required for data integration?

No, but Star Connect is always recommended for setting up structured data communication. Of course, Star Connect is not required if you have already purchased an ESB yourself. In that situation, Yellowstar takes care of the EDI connection with your ESB.

Can I also create connections myself via Star Connect?

Yes, Yellowstar makes customers self-reliant. In consultation with you, we realise standard or custom plugs on the ESB, which you can next expand yourself. You can also make your own plugs. In this way, you can quickly connect your own customers or chain partners for the exchange of data. You are no longer dependent on your software supplier for this. Plan yourself a smile!

How does Star Connect fit into the Star Suite?

Star Connect is a standalone product, but we also use it underwater for the realisation of system connections in most other Yellowstar products.

What does the implementation process for Star Connect look like?

The implementation of Star Connect always starts with an analysis phase. In this phase, we among other things make agreements with you about the technical design of the communication channel, the security protocol and the use of a push or pull model for the exchange of data. Depending on this, we set up the correct infrastructure in Star Connect (irrespective of the content) for sending and receiving messages. In consultation with you, we also determine which actions need to be performed in the power strip in order to be able to communicate with the parties that are to be connected. Cross value data, mapping or data enrichment may be required. With all these preparations as a basis, a start is next made with the actual building of the interface. Together with you, scenarios are defined in advance that exactly describe what the interface should do. Each situation requires a separate scenario. Once the construction has been completed, we check whether the scenarios work operationally in the test phase. As soon as this is confirmed, the exchange of data via Star Connect is ready to go live. We also take care of the layout of everyone's dashboard in that respect.

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