Logistics software for chain collaboration

Both for companies engaged in manufacturing, trade and retail and for logistics service providers, Yellowstar's logistics software gives real substance to chain collaboration, which improves your business. Each product can be tailored to your specific wishes and circumstances. Without the need to develop software from scratch. You benefit from previously gained, continuously evolving knowledge and are always assured of a short time-to-market.

All our software products are web-based. Connecting is easy, both for yourself and for all of your chain partners, from customer to recipient. Web technology means the number of users is unlimited. Of course, our products are also ideal for system connections (EDI, API, etc.), varying from ready-made standard plugs to customisation.

Personalised dashboards
A number of our products work directly on top of existing systems, adding an extra dimension through real-time data exchange. This allows all parties to continue operating in the manner they are accustomed to. Personalised dashboards enable every link to monitor and (if desired) exercise control. That makes working more fun for everyone and significantly improves the output. Plan yourself a smile!

Yellowstar Services

People make the difference and professional services are essential. Not only for our products to function, but specifically to let them do the work for you. Plan yourself a smile!

Yellow Advice

Supply Chain Consultancy

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Yellow Sprint

Project Customisation with Scrum

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Yellow Support

Application/Managed Services and Hosting

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Yellow Hosting

Software and hosting in the same hands

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markets in which we operate

Production, trade and retail

Chain collaboration and transparency contribute to real-time chain insight

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Logistics suppliers

The use of different modalities requires ultimate chain collaboration

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A dynamic world requires a grip on logistics costs and deadlines

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Capital-intensive goods must be used optimally and require a reliable delivery

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