Every day, more than 85 ‘Stars’ fully commit themselves to making logistics chains predictable and ensuring that operational logistics systems optimally function 24/7. And they always do so with a big smile. We make automation fun for our customers. ‘Plan yourself a smile!’

Consolidation of logistics and IT knowledge

Our professionals know the daily practice of logistics, understand the needs and challenges in the market and have the IT knowledge to act on this. Experience combined with enthusiasm and curiosity inspire us to consistently come up with new, innovative solutions for customers.

Towards the end result in steps

Honest advice is always paramount for our Stars. All efforts are geared to achieving an optimal result. Through our agile/scrum project method, we work together step by step with the customer to achieve the required end result. At the same time, our professionals ensure that there is support within the organisation.

Rooted in society

From our social commitment, structural attention to sustainability is a matter of course for Yellowstar. We are an official training company and we consider it our duty to work with schools. We encourage our Stars to participate in charitable activities and we structurally donate funds to good causes. We feel that being a good employer comes with great responsibility. We are therefore proud of our certification as a 'Great place to work'.

The Management Team

Yellowstar’s Management Team consists of an enthusiastic group of experienced professionals who share a common passion: making logistics predictable. Together, they are committed to unburdening our customers, achieving the best possible results and realising Yellowstar’s goals.

Stijn scheepers

Chief Executive Officer

Converting a customer’s business vision into IT is always a challenge. We bring together innovation and product development in practical solutions. Ultimately, I find it important that the end users experience the added value of our systems on a daily basis. Often, new insights are gained along the way. Our teams therefore build step by step. Starting from a solid foundation, we are extremely flexible, our focus always on innovation. IT is not black and white – like life, really. I truly appreciate the little things in life, such as spending my regular afternoon off either at home with my kids or playing sports. Balance is important to me. That is the beauty of Yellowstar. We always do everything together with the customer.

Marcel bakker

Chief Financial Officer

We established Yellowstar from scratch in 2009. Now, we have more than 85 employees and are a healthy company with a solid reputation in the market. I'm quite proud of that. Our team is mostly young and dynamic, with a solid mix of IT and logistics knowledge. Everyone within Yellowstar has ample opportunities for further development. Personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than sailing. Low and high tides, currents and rocks… and then successfully navigating all this. In essence, that is also what we do for our customers every day.


Chief Commercial Officer

My ambition is to help Yellowstar achieve further growth. In terms of products and services, but especially also in terms of people. The latter is most important to me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, but I learn from others every day as well. I am a real team builder, also when it comes to customers. I want to be proud of the product we deliver. Our partners with whom we cooperate to achieve that share this culture. Together, we are always willing to walk that extra mile to turn our customers into true front-runners. Outside of Yellowstar, my horse Redford is what makes me really happy. He truly is my passion. Completing a successful dressage competition together is one of the things I really cherish.

Marinus meinster

Chief Operating Officer

To me, Yellowstar is kind of a second home: I graduated while working here, then gradually moved up to my current position. Yellowstar feels like a family, the informal atmosphere here is quite unique. Combined with all the logistics and IT knowledge that is present within our company, we are able to offer customers something truly unique. And I have noticed that this is appreciated. My vision is that happy people are inclined to go the extra mile, which results in high quality and satisfied customers. In my private life, I also very much enjoy interacting with others; going out for a good meal and drinks with friends and family, for example. Or pulling out all the stops playing squash and indoor football. As is the case at Yellowstar, football very much relies on teamwork, reacting quickly and persevering to achieve the best result!