Rabelink Logistics is a major logistics service provider that offers transport throughout the whole of Europe. IT is an important pillar in the organisation of all the different services. The company uses Star Connect from Yellowstar to easily connect its own systems with those of customers and fellow carriers. IT manager Tino Bömer: “We are able to create an EDI link-up with every new customer ourselves. With Star Connect, we can achieve this in one to two days.”

Quickly and practically create your own EDI connections
A new EDI connection up & running in one to two days
Cost-efficient solution
Great time saving every day: no unnecessary manual actions
End to Excel sheets, telephone calls and e-mails
Works supplementary to existing WMS and TMS systems

Rabelink Logistics is active in transport, logistics and air and sea freight. The company from the east of the Netherlands has more than 400 employees, eight branches (one of which in Romania), 165 trucks and more than 50,000 m² of warehouse capacity. All this is controlled via a WMS and TMS from BluJay. To complement this, the company was looking for a solution for the rapid automatic exchange of all information for transport orders, warehouse orders, etc. from these systems with customers. The rapid exchange of data with fellow carriers within the European transport networks to which Rabelink Logistics belongs had to be possible as well.

Step by step towards self-reliance

Star Connect from Yellowstar offers the solution for this. Via this digital power strip (Enterprise Service Bus), the WMS and TMS of Rabelink Logistics can easily be linked to the systems of customers and other carriers by means of EDI. There is no limit to the number of connections. Rabelink Logistics is always able to realise subsequent new EDI connections without outside assistance. This has been achieved through a phased approach. The very first EDI link-up of Rabelink Logistics with a customer was fully performed by Yellowstar, the second connection in a partnership of 75% Yellowstar and 25% Rabelink Logistics, the third connection in the opposite ratio. Since the fourth customer, Rabelink Logistics has been able to quickly and efficiently realise the connections themselves. Of course, Yellowstar is always available for consultation and assistance. IT manager Tino Bömer of Rabelink Logistics: “The fact that we can create our EDI link-ups ourselves with Star Connect is efficient and therefore simply saves time and money. EDI eliminates many unnecessary manual actions from our daily operations. Furthermore, there is a substantial reduction in the number of calls and emails with our customers.”

Star Portal Customers logical addition

Supplementary to all the data exchange via EDI, Rabelink Logistics offers customers real-time track & trace and stock overview via the web-based Star Portal Customers. 24/7, customers can easily monitor their transport and view stocks via this customer portal. The data that Rabelink Logistics already has at its disposal anyway through the use of Star Connect serves as the basis for this extra service provision.