CJ Hendriks Group specialises in complex logistics. It aims to completely unburden customers regarding IT as well in that respect. By means of Star Connect from Yellowstar, the company independently realises system interfaces with clients for the direct submission of orders, etc. Customers do not need to turn to a third party for this kind of automation.

  • Realise system interfaces yourself as a logistics service provider
  • Additional service provision to customers
  • Order entry no longer necessary
  • Significant cost savings

With approximately 80 employees, CJ Hendriks Group focuses on the provision of logistics services that go beyond the standard shifting of boxes. Wine logistics and chemicals logistics are two important specialisations. The family business, which was established in Amsterdam in 1840, has its own state-of-the-art warehouses for this purpose. Furthermore, it is fully knowledgeable about customs matters (excise goods) and holds numerous permits for the storage of hazardous substances. Via DC Support, CJ Hendriks Group also carries out specific warehouse activities on behalf of companies. To accommodate seasonal peaks, for example, or when products require sorting, repacking or labelling actions.

“We take care of the entire logistics chain or, if required, parts thereof for our customers,” says Christoffel Hendriks. As part of the company's philosophy, IT services constitute an intrinsic part of this. “Through our own IT project department, we for example realise connections with customers for the direct entry of orders into our systems. They are no longer required to separately call in a third party for this kind of automation. As a result, the customer is really able to save money.” And this does not yet include the general advantages that system interfaces provide, continues Hendriks. “It saves the costs of needing to type in each order."

Smooth implementation of Star Connect

CJ Hendriks Group uses Star Connect from Yellowstar to create system interfaces with customers. “On the recommendation of the supplier of our warehouse management system and transport management system, we ended up at Yellowstar for this.” The implementation of Star Connect went smoothly. “We created the first customer interface together with Yellowstar; for the most part, we were already able to create the second connection ourselves.”

Self-reliant in use

Since customer no. 3, CJ Hendriks Group has been fully self-reliant regarding the use of Star Connect. Connections have now been established with several clients. “In principle, we can do everything ourselves. And we can always contact Yellowstar should we have any questions.” The time required to connect new customers varies from a couple of days to several weeks. “That partially depends on the customer. Some already have the files available in the correct format. Others want to be able to place orders automatically, but have no idea how to achieve this. It is precisely the latter type of companies that are often among our clientele. In those situations, we think along with them about the possibilities. Star Connect from Yellowstar helps us to do more for our customers in that respect.”