Star Portal Customers

Realtime data exchange with customers

Improved performance thanks to full insight into the execution of transport

You want to communicate more efficiently with customers
Eliminate telephone calls, e-mails and the use of Excel
Be able to manage logistics even better for customers
Improve your service provision
Strengthen customer loyalty
And thus be able to perform better as a logistics service provider

But how can you achieve that?

As a logistics service provider, you can use Star Portal Customers to easily realise a web-based portal for the real-time data exchange with customers. This allows them to directly place orders, receive confirmations, monitor the execution, request reports, view invoices, etc. Calling, emailing and the sharing of data via Excel are no longer necessary. Both the customers and yourself are able to operate far more efficiently.

Star Portal Customers works directly on top of your existing internal systems, such as a Transport Management System (TMS). No further adjustments need to be made. The portal allows you to easily create a customised environment for each customer. They too do not need to adjust their systems. In the portal, each customer has a control tower with a dashboard that can be set up according to their own wishes. In this way, the customer can easily perform all desired actions and proactively co-manage the logistics execution.

24/7, Star Portal Customers allows you to cooperate with customers, create mutual insight and thus truly optimise your logistics service provision. Customer satisfaction will further increase while you yourself will be able to operate far more efficiently. Moreover, employees will increasingly enjoy their jobs. Instead of having to make corrections afterwards, they can proactively advise the customer.

Star Portal Customers creates visibility and increases margins

Central insight in logistics data

Log-in only once for the desired logistics data, collected from different sources

Strongly improved chain cooperation

All departments and external parties have continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Easily manage exceptions

Your customers get 24/7 insight into the logistics chain and can respond immediately to bottlenecks

Through visibility faster delivery times

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Enriching logistics processes

Provide better and real-time information to customers and suppliers

What customers think about Star Portal

With Star Portal we can give our customers insight into relevant processes. Everyone looks at the same information. This saves a lot of duplication, which means we can accelerate our supply chain processes and improve margins.

How Star Portal works

Yellowstar - always on the move


ID Logistics puts customers in the driving seat through Star Portal Customers

By means of a new customer portal in the company’s own corporate style, ID Logistics exchanges as much data regarding transports as possible in real time with customers, their suppliers and the recipients. Via the web-based portal ID Logistics can connect an unlimited number of customers.

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Supply Chain transparency via web portal at Vonk en Co

The logistics web portal gives the customers of logistics service provider Vonk & Co continuous and real-time insight in the flow of goods. Star Flow is a portal extension which can be connected easily to existing IT systems like TMS and WMS.

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Logistics service provider CJ Hendriks Group also unburdens customers regarding IT through Star Connect

CJ Hendriks Group specialises in complex logistics. It aims to completely unburden customers regarding IT as well in that respect. By means of Star Connect from Yellowstar, the company independently realises system interfaces with clients for the direct submission of orders.

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