By means of a new customer portal in the company’s own corporate style, ID Logistics exchanges as much data regarding transports as possible in real time with customers, their suppliers and the recipients. Yellowstar's Star Portal Customers served as the basis for this. “Customers are highly enthusiastic,” says General Manager Stan Hamers of ID Logistics . "Our portal factually makes them self-reliant.”

Real-time data exchange with the customer
Customer becomes self-reliant regarding data provision
More time to improve service and performance
Directly connected to the own TMS
Connect an unlimited number of customers via the web

ID Logistics is a major player in transport and distribution throughout the Benelux. From five hubs spread across the Netherlands and Belgium, more than 375 trucks call at more than 6000 addresses every day. Speed ​​and reliability are essential for this. The digital exchange of data is therefore increasingly gaining in importance for the company. Hamers: “Through a new customer portal, we wanted to be able to exchange more information with customers, also involve their suppliers in this and achieve an increasingly improved data provision with the customer's customers - the recipients - in the future as well. On the basis of a blueprint with all our wishes and requirements, we have selected Star Portal Customers from Yellowstar for the realisation of this.”

Improved performance, more reliable service

“The new portal basically makes the customer self-reliant,” continues Hamers. “They provide us with better and more detailed order information; the other way around, we are able to offer more information as well.” As the need for telephone calls and emails has been substantially reduced, the Customer Service department of ID Logistics has more time to focus on the logistics process. “This allows us to further improve our performance and provide our customers with an even more reliable service provision.” Via the customer portal, all information from the customer is automatically fed into the transport management system (TMS) of ID Logistics. From the TMS, the information for the customer is also communicated back to them in real time via the portal.

The customer can see and do everything themselves

The web-based portal allows the customer (or their supplier) to do everything and see the requirements for their transports. Entering orders, monitoring the cargo step by step via extensive track & trace, drawing up the necessary documentation (such as a CRM, distribution list and labels) and indicating that they wish to receive e-mails about status changes. Furthermore, the customer is able to send a question to the Customer Service department by e-mail from any screen. Customer and order data are automatically added. In addition, ID Logistics offers a KPI report via the customer portal every month. This provides the customer with detailed insight into the performance that has been achieved for them. Customer Service manager Shirley Adriaens: “Connecting with the customer and maintaining this connection are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we are highly transparent and offer full insight into what we do.”

Own look and feel

In her customer contacts, Adriaens receives a lot of positive feedback about the user-friendliness and look and feel of the customer portal that has been implemented in ID Logistics’s own corporate style; the pay-off for explicitly listening to customer wishes in the preparation process. Ease of use is paramount. The company is now connecting one customer after another. Ultimately, several hundred clients and their suppliers will make use of the customer portal. To involve receiving parties, they are always offered the opportunity to directly provide an e-mail address with their order entry. Doing so means that they will receive an external track & trace link from the portal for real-time insight into the delivery time as soon as the planning is known. ID Logistics has the ambition to further integrate recipients in the portal in the future.