Markets in which we operate


Chain collaboration and transparency contribute to real-time chain insight

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The use of different modalities requires ultimate chain collaboration

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A dynamic world requires a grip on logistics costs and deadlines

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Capital-intensive goods must be used optimally and require a reliable delivery

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Yellowstar provides overview, insight and control

Improve the logistics chain together

Every user in the supply chain can create their own dashboard. This way you see supply chain problems arising early and everyone can intervene independently. Only together you can continuously improve the logistics chain.

Stop wasting time, money and goods

Yellowstar connects all the people in the chain with social and mobile apps. This way you avoid errors, returns, unnecessary kilometers, senseless actions and endless discussions. Stop wasting time, money and goods!

Gain more time for customers

IT Automation is a party! Connecting all people in the chain reduces the administrative workload and leaves your employees with more time to invest in the customer relationship. Plan yourself a smile!

"Star Frame in combination with the Yellow Sprint approach has provided us the most effective solution within a short timeframe. Within the project there was room for progessive insight into the logistic functionalities."
Star Connect has smart routing and can continuously measure location data and forward it with Geographical Mapping and SMS integration. Star Connect can also be linked with smart add-ons. Data that Star Insight makes transparent in real-time.
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