Markets in which we operate

Yellowstar renders logistics entirely predictable and chains 100% transparent. The more complex and extensive your supply chain, the greater our added value. Our social IT solutions demonstrate their worth especially clearly in markets with many different links, wide geographic distribution, valuable assets and/or time-sensitive stock. Our web-based supply chain software gives you total control over and insight into your logistical chain, on top of your existing IT systems.

All players in your logistical chain are connected with one another through us. You will have effective, around-the-clock management of the chain, both on your end and with regard to your chain partners. Each individual link will maintain continuous real-time insight and be able to intervene pro-actively. Our social IT management puts people first, making automation enjoyable to all concerned. And the result? Your logistical chain will enjoy optimal cooperation, greater speed and less waste. You will create a calm and organised chain, as expressed in a higher level of service and concrete savings in terms of time, money and environmental impact.

Production, trade and retail

Chain collaboration and transparency contribute to real-time chain insight

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Logistics suppliers

The use of different modalities requires ultimate chain collaboration

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A dynamic world requires a grip on logistics costs and deadlines

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Capital-intensive goods must be used optimally and require a reliable delivery

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