Star Flow offers four different product lines

Star Flow is a logistical platform that encompasses the entire chain, providing oversight while shortening the chain and making it more efficient. The various links in the logistical chain gain real-time insight into the entire logistical process. Real-time data and supply chain visibility enable you to monitor and control costs and deadlines. Star Flow alerts you to any deviations from existing agreements and/or schedules. Both you and the other parties in the chain can immediately identify and anticipate potential problems and resolve them before they occur. That way, you'll have everything under control and will be able to realise more efficient cooperation in the chain while responding flexibly to clients’ changing desires. You can decide for yourself which logistical links (parties) you want to cooperate and share data with. Star Flow offers four different product lines, each with its own target group.

Star Flow Supply Chain

Control towers offer actual control over logistics chains

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Star Flow Intermodal

Transport Management System for customised intermodal transport

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Star Flow Transport Planning

Organise the complete logistics of your road transport from a central planning board

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Star Flow Terminals

Comprehensive modular Terminal Operating System for inland terminals

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