Star Flow

Supply Chain Management and Collaboration

Shortens and oversees the logistical chain by means of order management

Star Flow is an independent logistical platform that covers the entire chain, and that oversees and shortens the chain and makes it more efficient. Chain partners are given direct access to producers and end customers. A number of links are becoming redundant. With real-time data and supply chain visibility, you keep control of the costs and deadlines and you gain a clear understanding of your stock and asset management. You have a real-time insight into the goods flow of your logistics. Star Flow identifies deviations from the agreements and the planning schedule. You can quickly anticipate problems and resolve them even before they occur. This way, you have everything under control, you create more efficient chain collaboration and you can flexibly respond to the changing requirements of your customers.



Star Flow improves the process flow with real-time data

More profit

Lower costs and more gross profit per shipment

Supply Chain visibility

Supply Chain visibility with real-time data

Central planning

Central logistical planning

Supply chain collaboration

Significantly improved supply chain collaboration

Logistical stock management

Real-time insight into logistical stock management

Supply chain SLAs

Improved compliance with supply chain SLAs

What customers think about Star Flow

TX Logistik
We now have more insight into and control over the processes and assets in the logistical chain. As soon as the planning is at risk, Star Flow issues a warning with proactive alerts on a personalised dashboard. We can then intervene straight away. The planner has the chance to relax and be more productive than ever!

How Star Flow works

Frequently asked questions

What is the added value of Star Flow?

Star Flow creates an efficient flow in your organisation and in the chain. Which means less administration and you only need to intervene when there are alerts. With Star Flow, you finally have enough time and space to focus on new developments with your customer and to find out how you can maximise your value in the chain and play a more significant role.

What is the advantage of standard interfaces?

Star Flow works with an extensive set of standard interfaces. This means that you can directly link up with chain partners that work with IT tools such as SAP, Transsmart, Cargowise, Riege, BluJay (Kewill), Portbase and Navision. Star Flow makes customised links or external consultants redundant. This alone results in significant cost savings and efficient chain collaboration. 

How does the integrated warehouse app work?

The short answer? Just by downloading it and using it! Star Flow has an integrated warehouse app, so you know exactly which stock is available at the various locations in the chain. For project-based logistics operations, wherever you are in the world you can use the warehouse app locally to easily and quickly set up warehouses.  The manager of this type of pop-up warehouse can download the warehouse app on his mobile phone and scan shipments straight away. Then you know exactly what the current stock is.

What are the standard modules in Star Flow?

The standard modules in Star Flow are:

  • Article Management Database
  • Request Management
  • Transport planning
  • POD
  • Tendering
  • Shipping documents
  • Track & Trace
  • Cross Dock /WHS 
  • Issue Management
  • Workflow and Event Management
  • Webshop
  • Standard KPI / Dashboards
  • MyDay
  • Inspection app

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