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Chain transparency basis for efficient supply supermarkets Dirk and DekaMarkt

Detailresult Groep is the parent company of the supermarket formats Dirk and DekaMarkt. Each day, more than 200 branches are supplied from seven distribution centres with everything that a consumer may expect in a supermarket. With the help of Yellowstar the entire chain is now fully transparent, from order to delivery.


IT basis for distinctive logistics service provision Vonk & Co

Every day, Vonk & Co delivers more than 15,000 household appliances to shops and consumers throughout the Netherlands. Thanks to the close cooperation with Yellowstar, the logistics service provider is able to optimally manage all of its processes.


Logistics service provider CJ Hendriks Group also unburdens customers regarding IT through Star Connect

CJ Hendriks Group specialises in complex logistics. It aims to completely unburden customers regarding IT as well in that respect. By means of Star Connect from Yellowstar, the company independently realises system interfaces with clients for the direct submission of orders.


Boskalis organises its global logistics with Star Flow Supply Chain

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading, globally operating dredging company, offshore contractor and maritime service provider. The company uses Star Flow Supply Chain to reliably and efficiently organise the logistics of all articles destined for Boskalis’ many projects and own ships.


GVT Transport & Logistics puts customers in the driving seat through Star Portal Customers

By means of a new customer portal in the company’s own corporate style, GVT Transport & Logistics exchanges as much data regarding transports as possible in real time with customers, their suppliers and the recipients. Via the web-based portal GVT can connect an unlimited number of customers.