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Yellowstar becomes one of the first iSHARE Software Partner

Yellowstar Solutions has become an official Software Partner of iSHARE. iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements that enables organisations to give each other access to their data. Are you ready to try it? We’re here to help you.


Infographic: The future of intermodal transportation

What does your future look like regarding technology for your transport? Do you prefer an in-house solution or do you have doubts about the reliability of your IT-systems. How to get the fastest result from your new IT environment.


Successful and rapid implementation of a new IT solution for Octo

Octo is a supplier of eco-friendly bulk packaging and has now gone live with ‘Star Flow’. The Star Flow software from Yellowstar Solutions brings an innovative approach to the issue at hand in tracking assets around the globe.


Fail and Learn - Win of learn, but never lose!

Before, you used to dread progressive insight in a project, now it has become your critical success factor! Before, you aimed to get at as little updates as possible, now the more the better. Read the Yellowpost


Yellowstar’s hinterland platform offers flexibility and robustness

To meet consistently increasing performance requirements, many companies seek innovative IT solutions for their logistical processes. The hinterland platform offers intermodal operators a solid basis with high speed data processing and connecting of all systems.