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Rail Cargo Group opts for TMS and TOS from Yellowstar

Rail Cargo Group was looking for a single solution to control their entire intermodal operational process. Yellowstar was commissioned by RCG through an extensive European tender to implement an overarching TMS and a TOS to be deployed at RCG’s own terminals.

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Yellowstar developing new operational systems for Rail Cargo Group from Austria

The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has commissioned Yellowstar to develop a new Transport Management System and Terminal Operating System for controlling its international intermodal transport operations. This allows RCG to consolidate their system landscape and thus operate with far greater efficiency.


Speed and efficiency for planners neska Container Line

Yellowstar has connected neska Container Line to the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge from Portbase via APIs. The planners of the barge operator are now able to pre-notify at the large container terminals in the port of Rotterdam with far greater speed and efficiency.


BASAMRO Logistics Group professionalises relationship with road hauliers

BASAMRO Logistics Group is a forwarder specialising in road transport throughout Europe. Through Star Portal Carriers more than 4000 transport companies are now able to view the available transport orders in real-time and register for them by e-mail.

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Top 50 SME Data Science companies

Florijnz Corporate Finance has included Yellowstar in its list of 50 fastest growing Dutch SMEs active in the Data Science sector. Nominated companies achieved both a substantial increase in turnover and hired a large number of new employees in 2019.