Airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance companies, catering suppliers and other aviation-related sectors each face their own logistical challenges. As part of the ‘aviation industry’, however, what they all have in common is a capital-intensive nature, time-sensitive operations and high standards for caution and reliability. In the world of aviation, logistical processes must run like clockwork. An aircraft can never be allowed to stand idle; construction and maintenance projects must always proceed according to the schedule. Airports must be able to operated as planned, at all hours of the day.

Yellowstar’s social IT solutions provide the logistical chain transparency needed to make this happen. By offering clear workflows and real-time insight into the supply chain, everyone in the aviation chain can work together with optimal effectiveness, take the proper logistical actions and make adjustments where necessary. Every step is completely traceable in our web-based aviation supply chain management software. Certifications, for instance, can be viewed from any location and are therefore easy to verify. As a client, you are truly in control. The same applies, within their own operational spheres, to the partners and suppliers with whom you cooperate in your logistical chains. Current stock levels and locations can be reviewed 24/7. All parties are able to take the proper actions at every point in the process.

Optimal collaboration within the aviation chain

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What makes our aviation supply chain management solution so well-suited?

The use of our social IT solutions in the aviation industry results in greater efficiency and increased reliability while keeping safety as an essential prerequisite. All parties are connected to one another; they have real-time insight and mutual coordination is possible at all times. This yields optimum planning schedules and means your valuable assets can be deployed continuously.

Which products can we offer?

Our Star Flow Supply Chain product uses multiple modules, which can be structured according to your own specific wishes, to enable pro-active management of any logistical chain.

You also have the option of beginning with a partial solution:

Star Connect – This digital ‘power strip’ enables you to connect your systems to one another and to those of your clients and suppliers.
Star Portal – Provides personalised displays of logistical information (from various sources) to your employees, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers.
Star Insight – An interactive dashboard showing real-time logistical information, on the basis of which you can take immediate action. You will have you very own logistical control tower which relies on relevant and easy to understand KPIs.
Star Frame – Helps you design and implement logistical IT applications even faster.
Star Talk – Social supply chain channel offering direct access to expert knowledge and facilitating communication between all parties in your logistics chain.