Star Insight

Logistical KPI Dashboard - Control Tower Logistics

Direct insight, rapid intervention with logistical KPI dashboard

Star Insight is an interactive logistical KPI dashboard with real-time information, where alerts enable you to react directly to deviations from the planning, otherwise known as Exception Management. The dashboard is a logistical control tower based on useful and understandable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The information is immediately visible on every desired device. In this way, management by surprise transforms into management by reception, where you keep control and adjust the process yourself as soon as it threatens to run differently. Logistical KPI dashboard makes your logistics predictable. Shipments always arrive on time and your margins improve.

Star Insight provides insight and control over KPI's

Real-time data

Transparent and predictable thanks to real-time data

Fast adjustments

Immediate adjustment when there are alerts

Exception Management

Management and control by means of Exception Management

Shipments on time

Shipments always on time and improved margins

Process improvement

Continuous process improvement

Easy to use

100% user-friendly

What customers think about Star Insight

Danser Group
Everyone knows that bottlenecks are unavoidable. Exception Management identifies those bottlenecks so that we can intervene straight away. Star Insight also means that we can continuously improve our logistical processes.
Centraal Boekhuis
If you look at globalization, the pressure to reduce capital, the speed with which e-commerce grows, you simply have to be able to steer on real time data to see what happens and act quickly. Star Insight is indispensable!
Neska Intermodal
The KPIs are bundled into a real-time interactive dashboard, unique within the logistics sector. You can easily navigate and find underlying information so you know exactly what is going on. The dashboard is very easy to use, also on your smartphone and on the go.

How Star Connect works

Frequently asked questions

How does the logistical KPI dashboard work?

The logistical KPI dashboard is a management information system that runs on a fast Oracle database, the foundation under Yellowstar’s entire Star Suite. Based on years of experience and intensive consultation with customers, a number of standard logistical dashboards were developed for Star Insight. They are available in combination with the existing logistical applications, such as Transics, Ortec and BluJay (formerly Kewill). These logistical control towers are user-friendly and can be given a personal layout, touch and responsiveness and made available on all devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

How user-friendly is Star Insight?

The Star Insight dashboard is popular among users thanks to the clear infografics that display the status of the complex logistical processes at a glance. There is a choice of multiple graphical displays, such as bar, line, gant, gauge picto, thematic and many more. When you click on these displays, you can easily zoom into the underlying information. The planner receives an alert on his/her personal dashboard when there is a threatened deviation from the planning. He/she can then click to check what is happening and intervene on time.


Can I link data in different applications?

Yes! Star Connect in Yellowstar’s Star Suite links information from other systems. Star Connect also enables you to work with central logistical KPIs, agreements that you have made with chain partners. Star Insight includes extensive authorisation options that you can use to enable other parties in the chain to access the logistical KPI dashboards. You and your partners see the same information, so you can work together more effectively in the logistical chain. The more chain partners with access to crucial information about goods movements, the more efficient the process flow in the supply chain.


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