Building wind farms, installing offshore drilling platforms, reclaiming land, laying pipelines: as an offshore company, Yellowstar can offer you around the clock insight into your (often global) supply chains, which involve many players, valuable assets and constant changes. We will connect all parties in your offshore chain, giving them each the same information as a supplement to their own systems. Each link will be able to monitor in real time how the logistical process compares to current project development. This will eliminate the need to ask each other questions – and prevent mistakes. Clear workflows will allow everyone to take the proper actions. This applies to project managers and logistics managers in the office, but also to the operational staff out at sea, at other remote locations, in warehouses and on site by suppliers, often spread across multiple continents.

With the offshore logistics management solutions provided by Yellowstar, every party in the offshore logistical chain will have real-time insight. This will yield optimum cooperation within the chain and make it possible to adjust projects and construction plans up to the very last minute. This, in turn, prevents you from having to dispatch express shipments via special transport or a separate cargo flight, needing to maintain unnecessarily high levels of stock or arrange superfluous movement of goods, or – worst of all – missing deadlines, with the corresponding stiff fines and rapidly increasing costs of delay. The documents will always be in order at every import and offshore location. Goods will be able to move quickly to their destination, both logistically and in terms of Customs formalities. All parties in your offshore supply chain will be able to cooperate seamlessly with one another. You will have full control over the processes in your logistical chain. With Yellowstars’ offshore IT solutions, project managers and logistical managers will find the peace of mind and effective oversight they need to deliver the project on time and as planned, time and again.

Around the clock control of (global) supply chains

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What makes our offshore logistics management solutions so well-suited?

Real-time insight into logistical chains is crucial – especially in an industry in which a minor deviation could potentially lead to serious consequences. The distances are often quite great and the construction locations difficult to reach; wind, currents and waves can also have an enormous impact on planning schedules (and therefore costs). The windows of time in which to carry out activities tend to be small and permits are strict. Yellowstar offers oversight and insight to all parties in a logistical chain. Partial planning schedules can be adjusted in real time in order to continuously optimise the supply chain.

Which products can we offer?

Star Flow Supply Chain is a suitable offshore IT product which uses multiple modules. These modules can be structured according to your own specific wishes, to enable pro-active management of any logistical chain.

You also have the option of beginning with a partial solution:

Star Connect – This digital ‘power strip’ enables you to connect your systems to one another and to those of your clients and suppliers.
Star Portal – Provides personalised displays of logistical information (from various sources) to your employees, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers.
Star Insight – An interactive dashboard showing real-time logistical information, on the basis of which you can take immediate action. You will have you very own logistical control tower which relies on relevant and easy to understand KPIs.
Star Frame – Helps you design and implement logistical IT applications even faster.
Star Talk – Social supply chain channel offering direct access to expert knowledge and facilitating communication between all parties in your logistics chain.