From purchasing to service & support and every step in between: Yellowstar makes the supply chains of production, trade and retail companies entirely predictable and 100% transparent. We use our social IT solutions to connect all links, thereby ensuring optimum cooperation along the chain. Clear workflows mean that the proper action is initiated at every moment and point in the process and at every level. Without any hiccups due to lack of information or time-consuming obligations to respond. Planning schedules can be adjusted at every level in real time and continuously optimised. The precise planning or administrative steps needing to be taken will be displayed to each participant at the right moment, in a digital environment designed to suit their wishes. In our system, users are in the driver’s seat. This has a motivating effect and communicates positivity to your supply chain, leading to increased revenue when all’s said and done.

Production – Maximum control over your logistics costs

Yellowstar’s social IT solutions are ideally suited for use in capital-intensive sectors such as the machine technology, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, chemical, infrastructure construction, utility and residential construction industries. In these fields, production logistics must run like clockwork: the costs of delay and potential fines are extremely high. This makes control of the logistical chain essential, and cooperation within the chain a crucial aspect as well. Stock must always be available at the exact moment it’s needed. Both when a single location is involved and when there are multiple sub-assembly plants, and all the way to the final stage of production.

From your suppliers, via the various intermediate links and all the way to your customers – we provide you with around-the-clock insight into the supply chain. This real-time insight is available at every level and can be pro-actively adjusted at all times. You will enjoy optimum flexibility. This allows you, together with your chain partners, to consistently take the best decisions for your production locations and schedules. You’ll have maximum control over both your logistics costs and the deadlines.

Trade – Grounded in real-time logistical chain information

Through Yellowstar, trade companies can gain total insight into their – often global – logistical chains containing many different links. Our web-based logistical software enables you to connect and involve all participants. The first step is managing your own suppliers. This is where quality assurance and proper speed and reliability of delivery begin. You will be able to coordinate delivery times and locations with them in real time, including agreements regarding optimisation measures, packaging, documentation, transport costs, and so on.

As a trade company, you’ll know which goods are on their way to you from each of your suppliers and logistical partners. Up-to-date stock information and the status of stock levels at each location make it possible for you to take well-considered decisions. Should you place orders or arrange for delivery now? Or would it be better to wait? You’ll be able to approach the market at the right time and at the right price point. Your ability to trade with maximum success is grounded in insight into and cooperation within the chain.

Retail – Align your logistics seamlessly to availability and demand

For retail concerns, Yellow creates the preconditions for a successful multi and/or omnichannel client strategy. Our social IT solutions provide retailers like yourself with real-time, around-the-clock insight into your logistical chain. You will see exactly which goods are on their way, where they currently are and when they will be available to you. You’ll be able to optimally plan inbound and outbound dispatches. Your logistics will align seamlessly to availability and demand. And as result, you’ll never have to disappoint a customer, whether online or in the shop.

Cooperation along the chain makes it possible to plan actions precisely, to stock shops at the right interval and to dispatch e-commerce shipments quickly and correctly, day or night. Improved insight into the chain also shortens your time-to-market and makes it possible to serve more customers with lower stock levels. Online customers can place orders until midnight, after which the orders are immediately processed and delivered the very next day. Planning schedules are flexible and can be adjusted in real-time at any point depending on the customer’s preferred delivery time and location. This will further enhance the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

An insightful and predictable supply chain

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For whom are our IT solutions primarily intended?

The more complex a logistical chain is, the greater our added value. Our social IT solutions are particularly useful for production, trade and retail companies whose activities are spread across multiple locations and involve a large number of parties, and/or those for whom time is a crucial factor. For such companies, the proper logistical chain information can mean the difference between success and failure (or lesser success), or between (greater) profit and taking a loss.

Which products do we offer?

Our Star Flow Supply Chain product uses multiple modules, which can be structured according to your own specific wishes, to enable pro-active management of any logistical chain.

You also have the option of beginning with a partial solution:

Star Connect – This digital ‘power strip’ enables you to connect your systems to one another and to those of your clients and suppliers.
Star Portal – Provides personalised displays of logistical information (from various sources) to your employees, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers.
Star Insight – An interactive dashboard showing real-time logistical information, on the basis of which you can take immediate action. You will have you very own logistical control tower which relies on relevant and easy to understand KPIs.
Star Frame – Helps you design and implement logistical IT applications even faster.
Star Talk – Social supply chain channel offering direct access to expert knowledge and facilitating communication between all parties in your logistics chain.