Star Flow
Star Flow

Internet makes your materials flow!

Order Management

Your logistical processes need to flow smoothly. You want to detect obstructions on time and manage escalations. Star Flow is your logistical web application to which all chain parties can connect and share knowledge. It enables a transparent and predictable flow of goods!

Order Management

Advantages supply chain web portal

  • Scalable Oracle technology
  • Rapid implementation through Yellow Sprint
  • Available on mobile networks and 24/7 in the cloud
  • Secure login for all chain parties
  • Real-time dashboarding and EDI
  • Advanced supply chain responsibility matrix
  • Vastly increased productivity compared to traditional TMS/WMS
  • User-friendly
  • Fast ROI
Advantages supply chain web portal

Supply Chain collaboration

You can use Star Flow stand alone or as a modern internet front office for your internationally operating company. Star Connect allows integration with both your traditional back office and the systems of your chain parties. Many parties have access, but you probably do not want to share all of your information. For this very reason we have paid a lot of attention to security. You are able to define roles and authorise parties and individuals.

Supply Chain collaboration

i&Land Solution

The i&Land Solutions is designed to keep up with the evolving logistics requirements and regulations around asset-tracking accuracy. It’s a combination of Star Flow and the Google Maps technology and a practical example of Internet of Things. For Alcotrans the focus is esspecially on ship and barge tracking. Captains can log in to the i&Land application while at sea and automatically get access to all of the ship’s route information and performance on a single map display. Meanwhile, administrators who manage the route on the backend can easily create their own geofence boundaries. In addition, activities and calculations can be triggered based on geofence boundaries. The application allows users to easily make changes to the map on different platforms (including mobile) and view information offline. Therefore, shipping ports can now estimate the travel- and loading times more precisely and improve the planning for each route.


Track & Trace system

TThe system includes

  • Central order management (PO, SO)
  • Project-based management
  • Planning multimodal transports
  • Document creation
  • Purchase records
  • Dashboard
  • POD
  • Track & Trace
  • Goods storage
  • Inventory overview
  • Invoicing
  • Multi Site & Network set-up
  • User roles and settings per chain party
Track & Trace system

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