Benefit from our software solutions without any hassles

In order to make sure our logistics software solutions perform optimally, at Yellowstar we also provide the associated hosting. That way, your company gets the maximum benefit from our software based on chain collaboration.

Yellow Hosting makes your software work

Guaranteed availability

With hosting via Yellowstar, you won’t have to worry about managing your software application(s). We guarantee their availability for you, based on a service level agreement (SLA) which we conclude with you beforehand setting out your requirements in terms of performance and security. Upgrades to new Oracle versions, timely security updates and 24/7 monitoring are all part of the service. You won’t need to invest in your own management infrastructure, specialist knowledge or operational support.


Close collaboration with reliable hosting partners

Depending on your specific requirements, we will host your software application(s) in conjunction with Basefarm or Oracle Cloud. Both of these ISO 270001-certified hosting partners use the best technology available. They combine wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in hosting with the highest security standards and flexibility in their services.

Yellow Hosting always pays for itself

We are convinced that Yellow Hosting is the best choice for all our customers. We answer frequently asked questions about our services below.

We understand the temptation of using your own on-site server and employing someone to look after it for. But are you aware of the risks?

  • Hosting via Yellowstar is infinitely scalable. Suppose you suddenly grow in volume – our hosting will simply grow with you. With an on-site server, this is much harder to achieve.
  • Hosting via Yellowstar includes built-in redundancy. As standard, we host your application(s) at two locations with two separate networks. If the unlikely event that one network should fail, the other one will automatically take over. In practice, you won’t notice a thing. How much will it cost you if your own server stops working? The longer your server is down, the heavier your losses in terms of sales.
  • Hosting via Yellowstar is secure. Security is a specialist field. How well are you able to cover it in-house? Having your own server makes you vulnerable. One security breach and all your data can be lost. Our professional hosting partners are fully committed to prevention and – in the event of an attack – bringing data communication back online very quickly. 

If you let us host your Yellowstar application(s), we will organise the entire process for you with one of our hosting partners. You won't have to worry about things like patches, upgrades and server management. Moreover, our organisation is entirely focused on optimum hosting. Cooperation with our hosting partners is governed by fixed protocols which are always centred on quality. If you do decide to stay with your existing hosting partner, you will be responsible for every change to the application(s) or event. You will need to communicate with both Yellowstar and your hosting partner.

If you have your own server and dedicated employee, the cost of outsourcing can seem high. But if you list the actual requirements for this way of working, a different picture emerges. Yellow Hosting means guaranteed quality, without any worries. We also offer various hosting options with different pricing depending on the undertakings included in the SLA.

The very biggest international companies as well as, for example, port community systems, are now opting for hosting in the cloud. Data security is optimally assured. No one can access your data. And don’t forget: private use of the cloud for things like banking and storing photos has been standard practice for years.

Every business has its own specialisms. Yellowstar specialises in logistics software solutions, our hosting partners specialise in data management and you specialise in your own field. Why would you want to do everything yourself? We organise hosting in accordance with your wishes. We can meet (almost) any requirement.