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IT in Logistics: from competitive to complementary

Within the market of (project) logistics, we can observe a movement with regards to underlying IT. We can see a shift from a complete ERP system to an approach consisting of ‘best-of-breed’ IT solutions for specific components of the logistic process. What are the challenges and how to overcome them...


Logistic innovation by data-integration

In project based logistics, demands and expectations are constantly increasing. The clients of our clients expect shorter delivery periods, higher predictability and more flexibility - but against the lowest cost possible. In this blog, I explain how data integration, chain collaboration and transparency can help to make logistic processes more efficient.


From Supply Chain to Supply Tube

In project based logistics, there is great pressure to keep costs under control. Because of the ad hoc character of logistic processes and cooperation with different suppliers and customers, this can’t be realized by standardization. That’s why we need to change: we have to shift from a supply chain to a supply tube.


Offshore project logistics under control

The costs of offshore logistics are high and rising oil prices are making these costs even higher. As a result, the amount of projects is decreasing and companies suffer from new competitors, for example from China. Finally, there often is a lack of insight and control of the complete logistic process, resulting in the risk that deliveries are too big, too small or not on time.


Innovative Chain Management Software

Organisations are cooperating increasingly with suppliers and purchasers in order to provide optimal service as fast as possible to their end customers. For production purposes, they need to purchase products. The next step is to distribute these products to their customers at optimal efficiency. This requires coordination and integration of activities across several partners.