About Us

Supply Chain IT Solutions

At Yellowstar, we consolidate extensive knowledge of IT and logistics in distinctive software. By means of innovative IT solutions, we make the supply chains of our customers active in manufacturing, trade and retail fully transparent and proactively plannable. But for logistics service providers, we also realise intermodal transport management systems (TMS), dynamic planning boards, terminal operating systems (TOS) and portals that allow them to pro-actively exchange data with customers, suppliers, carriers and/or recipients.

Chain collaboration central

Chain collaboration is central to all our solutions. For us, this is the key to streamlining supply chains in real-time and ensuring that operational logistics systems function optimally 24/7. Through our agile/scrum project approach, we work towards the agreed-upon end goal together with the customer in steps. The impact on their operation: proven greater efficiency, improved service levels, cost reductions, higher turnover and less waste, which also results in a reduced CO2 footprint. Much of our software works directly on top of existing systems. Every user can continue to operate in their own way and still innovate. 

People make the difference

Internet technology offers us the unique opportunity to have all the links in a logistics chain work together seamlessly. Users can exercise control and all have their own personalised dashboards for this purpose. In this way, our ‘IT for social supply chains’ makes working more fun for everyone and significantly improves the output.

Passion for logistics and IT

Yellowstar is part of the ICT Group. Since our inception in 2009, we have achieved rapid growth in a healthy manner. Currently, we have more than 85 enthusiastic ‘Stars’ who operate from offices in the Netherlands and Germany as well as on-site at our clients. Our shared passion for IT and logistics is what drives us. We are characterised by our cheerfulness, substantial knowledge and our willingness to share this. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification serves as an additional quality guarantee in that respect. Our social IT solutions allow everyone in logistics to work (together) smarter, more efficiently and with more fun, with tangible results. ‘Plan yourself a smile!’