About Us

Supply Chain IT Solutions

Yellowstar connects, shortens and accelerates logistical chains while also rendering them completely predictable. We offer companies real-time insight into their supply chains, on top of their existing systems. We are unique in that, unlike others, we monitor the entire chain. Internet technology provides us with the unique ability to connect people and make systems social. Departments, suppliers, clients – and their clients – will all be able to cooperate seamlessly with one another.

At Yellowstar, we combine extensive logistical experience with solid IT expertise. We know the business. And that's what enables us, together with our clients, to realise solutions to any demand quickly and through short cycles. The more complex a logistical chain is, the bigger the difference we can make. The more capital-intensive an industry is, the more added value it stands to gain from our supply chain software. Which is why we choose to serve clients in specific markets.

Plan yourself a smile

At Yellowstar, we believe that people are what makes the difference. This applies not only to those who work for us directly, but also to our supply chain solutions. These solutions are based on cooperation, direct mutual communication and the ability to take part in decision-making at every level in the chain. Through our method, automation makes the work more enjoyable and greatly improves the output. “Plan yourself a smile,” we like to say. It's something that benefits everyone: the client, their clients, the various links in the logistical chain and every single user. And the result? Increased customer satisfaction, less waste, lower costs, faster times-to-market and motivated employees.

A passion for logistics and IT

Yellowstar was founded in 2009 and we have since then grown quickly, but in a healthy fashion. Today, we have more than 85 enthusiastic ‘Stars’ working in our offices in the Netherlands and Germany – and at our clients’ offices. What drives us is a shared passion for IT and logistics. What makes us who we are is our cheerful attitude, vast knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge in order to work with clients to truly make a difference and accelerate their business. We find examples of unnecessary waste in many logistical chains. Our goal is to realise true change in this area, together with our clients.

Never totally dependent on your software supplier

We use the web technology of Oracle (APEX). With this technology we can rapidly, easily and controls your web applications develop and manage, including all associated security levels. Our applications can be installed locally, but also run as SaaS "solution in the cloud. The same web technology we use for developing our internal modules and applications: "eat your own dog food." This enables us to proactively signal improvements and perform. We bring the complete application to your home so that you have the opportunity to manage the functionality as needed / develop. With our open approach to the market you are never totally dependent on your software supplier. Flexibility is translated with freedom!

Our mission

Yellowstar makes logistical chains predictable. We deploy internet technology and logistical expertise in order to connect, shorten and accelerate capital-intensive supply chains. And in doing so, we always put people first. Everyone can use our social IT solutions to work smarter, more efficiently and with greater enjoyment – with tangibly improved results. “Plan yourself a smile!”