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The use of different modalities requires ultimate chain collaboration

Yellowstar enables any logistics company to increase its added value to the supply chains of its clients. That means the 4PL that manages the worldwide logistical chains of its client from end to end. But it also applies to the logistic service provider who is looking to share data with clients and sub-contractors in order to improve their service.

Our social IT solutions provide real-time insight into any logistical chain and allow it to be optimally guided using clear workflow management. This will allow you to optimally plan the entire logistical chain. The further administrative processing will be handled automatically as well. You will also be able to make continuous adjustments and pro-actively inform chain partners regarding any changes. Through control towers, dashboards and client portals, we connect your order management and planning systems directly to those of clients and suppliers. As a result, everyone has the same insight into the logistical chain and can use Yellowstar’s logistical software to continuously optimise their own contribution. The final recipient will have insight that allows them to anticipate deliveries easily, whether they are a factory, a distribution centre, a shop or a direct consumer. Your client will be able to make faster deliveries while maintaining lower stock levels.

Multimodal chain solutions – Manage the entire transport chain in real time
As a provider of logistics services or 3PL, you can use our logistical software to receive your transport bookings, plan them intermodally from a single central point, share the bookings with the relevant parties – all automatically – and then adjust the bookings in real-time. The entire process – from quotation to final booking, planning simultaneously on multiple levels in real-time, to the execution and final invoice – come together in a single system that is transparent for everyone involved.

Multimodal hinterland transport – A single solution takes you from booking to invoicing
Terminals or logistic service providers can use logistical software modules from Yellowstar to organise comprehensive multimodal hinterland transport on behalf of their clients. From booking, through multimodal planning (truck, train, barge) to invoicing, you can take advantage of real-time coordination with your carriers. A control tower provides each link with continuous up-to-date insight into the chain at their own level. This allows parties to make adjustments at any point and results in optimum chain coordination for fast, efficient and sustainable transport.

Optimally plan your entire supply chain

Allows 100% insight

Comprehensive, around-the-clock oversight of all your logistical processes

Agreements are honoured every time

Clear workflows make it possible to take the right action at every interval

Optimal planning

Plan, coordinate, and (when necessary) make real time adjustments, simply and easily


Your administrative processing and document flows will be in order at all times


All members of your supply chain can pro-actively determine the course of action

Concrete results

Shorter processing times, improved service, savings of up to 30%, more sustainable operations

What customers think about Yellowstar

Distri Rail
"Distri Rail follows the cargo in its wagons in real time and can see exactly which containers are on each wagon. Any deviations are immediately noted and a notification is sent to Distri Rail via a central web-based application."

How logistics suppliers works


For whom are our IT solutions of added value?

For any logistics company that is looking to improve its service through cooperation, coordination and/or sharing data within the chain, Yellowstar's web-based logistical software offers an ideal solution. 4PLs, 3PLs, terminals, shipping companies, inland operators and carriers (intermodal and otherwise) all stand to benefit from our products.

What kind of added value are we talking about, exactly?

Planning schedules will be improved, the flows of goods and documents will become more reliable and coordination within your logistical chains will become much easier. Logistics service providers like yourself will once again have time to advise clients, which will strengthen your business model and help you realise higher margins.

For which modalities does Yellowstar offer suitable solutions?

Yellowstar's solutions can be used to improve logistical aspects for businesses in the aviation, maritime shipping and intermodal transport sectors, as well as that of any individual modality (rail, road, barge).

Which products can we offer?

Our Star Flow Supply Chain product uses multiple modules, which can be structured according to your own specific wishes, to enable pro-active management of any logistical chain. Via Star Flow Hinterland, you can organise multimodal hinterland transport, from booking to invoicing, on behalf of your clients. Star Flow Planning & Execution makes it possible for you to manage every aspect of your transport logistics from a single, central, location-independent planboard. Your clients and sub-contractors will be able to adjust the planning as well, such as by making changes to a booking. Star Flow Terminal Operating System provides all inland terminals in the container sector with an integral web-based solution for organising their terminal operations – and all connected links, from end client to deepsea terminal – in an optimum fashion.

You also have the option of beginning with a partial solution:

Star Connect – This digital ‘power strip’ enables you to connect your systems to one another and to those of your clients and suppliers.
Star Access – Provides personalised displays of logistical information (from various sources) to your employees, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers.
Star Insight – An interactive dashboard showing real-time logistical information, on the basis of which you can take immediate action. You will have you very own logistical control tower which relies on relevant and easy to understand KPIs.
Star Frame – Helps you design and implement logistical IT applications even faster.
Star Talk – Social supply chain channel offering direct access to expert knowledge and facilitating communication between all parties in your logistics chain.

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