Star Talk

Logistics module for social supply chain communication

Communicate directly with the right people in a logistics chain

If a problem occurs in the supply chain, you immediately want to speak to the right person
Be able to simultaneously consult with several links in the chain
And automatically pass on the necessary data

But how can you achieve that??

Star Talk offers an additional module within Star Flow Supply Chain, Star Portal Customers and Star Portal Carriers for social supply chain communication. Through Star Talk, the relevant people in a logistics chain are able to directly coordinate with one another. Without the need for numerous futile calls and emails trying to find the right person. This prevents frustration and loss of time. Star Talk brings the experts in direct contact with one another. If there is a problem with an order, for example, or if a bottleneck in the planning or a difficult question arises.

Star Talk integrates the leading instant messaging providers, such as Telegram, Skype and WhatsApp. For each logistics flow, the required social connections can be made in Star Talk. When necessary, you can next directly communicate with the relevant people at the touch of a button. Order data and such are shared and/or registered in real time. Searching and retyping are not necessary. The human-to-human communication via Star Talk makes supply chains even more efficient and social.

Star Talk makes sure that knowledge is shared better

Proactive alerts

Directly intervene on deviations in the planning because of the proactive alerts Star Talk gives you

Real-time information

Gain continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Fast contact through single sign on

Star Talk connects various instant messaging providers in your logistics web portal

Avoid irritation and time loss

Get directly online in touch with the right parties to solve your logistical challenge

Transport costs savings of 10%

More efficient communication between logistics and other departments causes lowers costs

Sharing knowledge has never been easier

Work simultaneously and real-time on a solution for a specific question or challenge

What customers think about Star Talk

How Star Talk works

Frequently asked questions

How does Star Talk work?

Star Talk is a Social Supply Chain Communication module that is used alongside the latest Oracle technologies. In the event of problems and questions in the logistics process, the parties involved can contact each other without barriers. That is why there are no delays in your supply chain. We can also offer Star Talk in fast, professional apps for Android and IOS development.

Star Talk has a notification module for proactive alerts, a chat module (Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp), and a Q&A interface. These components ensure that communication is supported. The use of Star Talk is registered in the system so that you can determine whether corrective preventive actions should be taken.

Can Yellowstar organise hosting?

Yes, when you use the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for the Yellowstar applications hosting yourself, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly, these benefits can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance aspects. Read the advantages of hosting in our article.

How does Star Talk fit within the Star Suite?

While Star Connect facilitates machine-tot-machine and Star Portal man-to-machine communication, Star Talk provides man-to-man communication. Star Talk only works in combination with one or more modules from the Star Suite.

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Logistics service provider CJ Hendriks Group also unburdens customers regarding IT through Star Connect

CJ Hendriks Group specialises in complex logistics. It aims to completely unburden customers regarding IT as well in that respect. By means of Star Connect from Yellowstar, the company independently realises system interfaces with clients for the direct submission of orders.

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Boskalis organises its global logistics with Star Flow Supply Chain

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading, globally operating dredging company, offshore contractor and maritime service provider. The company uses Star Flow Supply Chain to reliably and efficiently organise the logistics of all articles destined for Boskalis’ many projects and own ships.

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Dear purchasers, please consider the logistics

Everything for the customer. Ultimately, that is the primary focal point for every company.
In modern marketing, this is supported by buyer and customer journeys that help to provide insight into every step in a purchase process and can be organised in such a manner that they result in permanently happy customers.

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