Yellow Support

Application management, Managed Services and Hosting

Continuous improvement to guarantee the continuity of your business processes

Yellow Support makes sure that your applications are improving all the time so that you and your users can get the most out of them. This goes a step further than just keeping your application in the air with preventative IT management and IT support. We proactively think along with you and take your feedback, questions or remarks into account during the improvement process. This way, your application keeps running optimally, you extend the life span of your software and you guarantee the continuity of your business processes.


Yellow Support provides guarantees and control

Three clear SLA's

Three clear SLA levels with hard guarantees

Secure data

Secure use of code, documentation and data

Regular updates

Implementation of technical upgrades and patches

Helpdesk and online registration system

Quick help from professionals

Online overview of activities

Online overview of planned and executed activities

Single point of contact

Flexible thanks to short lines

What customers think about Yellow Support

Smeets Ferry
Yellow Support takes care of our preventative and adaptive IT management and maintenance so that our applications work better and better. Specialists who know the applications through and through. But the builders of the applications are also still involved.
Yellow Support works with Service Level Agreements (SLA) on different levels. We drew up the SLA ourselves and geared it to the factors that are important for our continuity, such as; response times and the implementation of minor improvements.

How Yellow Support works

Frequently asked questions

Who can I call if there is a problem?

Call our Support Coordinator [+31(0)88-141-88-00], who is the link between you and our technicians. Our Service Desk has a single point of contact, a person who is 100% dedicated and makes sure that your IT support questions are quickly answered by the organisation. That’s what you call efficient.

What is the response time in case of calamities?

The response time varies from immediate, within two hours or within 4 hours inside the agreed delivery windows – for example, on workdays between 8.30 CET and 17.00 CET or 24/7. At Yellow Support, you can choose a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that perfectly suits your business processes and guarantees their continuity. You decide on the guaranteed response times, delivery windows, preventative maintenance, minor improvements, upgrades, number of hours, including a punch card for development activities.


Does Yellow Support also provide training?

Yes, Yellow Support provides training for users, as well as onboarding programmes for new colleagues. The training is aimed at making your people more self-sufficient in their use of the applications, getting the most out of your application and stimulating feedback so that you can keep improving your software.

Can I also accommodate Cloud hosting at Yellowstar?

Yes indeed. And when you accommodate your Cloud hosting at Yellowstar, you also benefit from the end-to-end availability of your applications. With our Automated Release Package, Yellow Support can set up a fully automated release OTAP process for you so that your organisation can continue to develop.

Yellowstar - always on the move


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