Star Flow Terminals

Comprehensive modular Terminal Operating System for inland terminals

Save time and money through integrated planning

You want to optimally manage your inland terminal
Seamlessly connect the pre-transport and post-transport
Also handle bookings and invoicing via the same system
And put all links in control themselves whenever possible

But how can you achieve that?

Star Flow Terminals offers inland terminals a comprehensive, modular Terminal Operating System (TOS). As an inland terminal, you can manage the entire logistics process. From planning and controlling the actual terminal operation and terminal capacity to organising all the associated links together with chain partners. You have full insight into all visiting trucks, barges and trains. What’s more, you can also use Star Flow Terminals for arranging the planning and execution of the first and last mile for the end customer as well as for incoming customer bookings and invoicing. You are truly able to plan in an integrated manner.

The Terminal Operating System of Star Flow Terminals is web-based. It can easily be accessed by both your own departments and all chain partners. This allows for parties to enter data themselves, track the containers in real time and proactively make adjustments where necessary. All the links interlock. Star Flow Terminals for example enables the haulier to pre-notify drivers in advance and book a slot time. As a result, the driver is quickly handled at an automated gate upon arrival at the terminal. Everyone saves time.

At your inland terminal, containers are always flawlessly directed to the correct stacks, trains, barges and trucks using Star Flow Terminals. The continuous exchange of data allows you to plan dynamically and flexibly organise your stacks for the different modalities. All capacity is used as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the modular approach, Star Flow Terminals can be customised and expanded for any inland terminal.

Star Flow Terminals makes integral planning possible

Flexible and optimal planning

The planning board enables planners to set up and adjust the container planning real time

Cost savings through digitization

Lower transport costs through more efficient communication between drivers and terminals

Spend 20% less time on controls

Better data means that less employees are required to support the gate-in and gate-out process

Strongly improved chain cooperation

All departments and external parties have continuous and real-time insight into all goods movements

Through visibility faster delivery times

With transparency in the chain and end-to-end visibility, delivery times are accelerated

Up to 30% time savings

Because only relevant information is shown, employees save up to 30% in time


For whom is Star Flow Terminals intended?

Star Flow Terminals offers all inland terminals in the container sector an integrated web-based solution for optimally organising their terminal operation and all connected links, from end customer to intermodal operators.

What is the advantage of Yellowstar's web-based approach?

Thanks to the web-based approach of Star Flow Terminals, external parties are able to easily connect, share data, track their containers in real time (track & trace) and consequently optimise their own planning. In view of the central role an inland terminal plays, true chain cooperation is thus realised.

Furthermore, the use of internet technology allows Yellowstar to quickly deliver. Development times are limited, time-to-markets short. Yellowstar operates according to the Scrum method. Star Flow Terminals goes live in phases in close consultation with the customer.

Is Star Flow Terminals one standard package?

Star Flow Terminals has a modular structure. An inland terminal selects the modules that best suit their own demand and needs. For an optimal set-up, Yellowstar can also provide additional customisation if desired.

How do all the links within Star Flow Terminals interlock?

From the roles they play, all parties are able to enter and request information, follow containers in real time and easily make adjustments where necessary through portals and EDI link-ups. A driver can for example use a separate app to also report their status and delays. This consequently gives the barge or train operator time to anticipate this. Other containers can be moved to the seaport without requiring any additional actions. Everything interlocks. All parties are able to operate more effectively and efficiently. The real-time data exchange that takes place in Star Flow Terminals behind the scenes allows for continuous replanning. Modes of transport can easily be switched as well.

How does Star Flow Terminals organise the actual terminal process?

All the functionalities required for the terminal process have been integrated within Star Flow Terminals in the modules Gate Management, Container Management and Terminal Yard Management.  Based on this, containers are always accurately directed to the right stacks, trains, barges or trucks at the inland terminal. Using an app, the crane operator or reach stacker operator can see the appropriate action for each container on their screen. The checking of empty containers, including maintenance and repairs, is organised via the system as well.

How does Star Flow Terminals organise intermodal traffic?

Based on the customer's booking, the best planning per truck is consistently determined. The customer receives track & trace information and a notification when the containers arrive or leave the terminal. Intermodal planning can be organised through our solution Star Flow Intermodal.

Can Yellowstar organise hosting?

Yes, when you use the hosting services at Yellowstar, compared to a situation in which you are responsible for the Yellowstar applications hosting yourself, you experience a number of certainties and benefits. Roughly, these benefits can be subdivided into operational, financial and compliance aspects. Read the advantages of hosting in our article.

Yellowstar - always on the move


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Star Flow Terminals offers neska INTERMODAL greater efficiency

neska INTERMODAL relies on Star Flow to organise the logistical process at its six inland terminals. This system was developed in collaboration with Yellowstar to be used on top of the existing ‘legacy’ system and offers several advantages.

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Estron can now do 20% to 25% more thanks to enhanced TMS!

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