Yellowstar's nominations and received awards

The impressive growth and results of Yellowstar have not gone unnoticed; in recent years we have won several prizes, and we are proud of that! In the future we will continue to focus on making your logistics predictable.

Below you can find an overview of the awards that Yellowstar received.

Yellowstar NUMBER 523 IN FT1000 IN 2018

Yellowstar has been included in the top 1000 list for Europe's fastest growing companies by Financial Times.

Yellowstar received AN FD GAZELLEN award IN 2017

Yellowstar received the FD Gazellen Award. This makes Yellowstar one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Yellowstar NUMBER 33 IN DELOITTE FAST50 IN 2017

For the second time Yellowstar earned a place in time in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 ranking.

Yellowstar ON PLACE 19 OF MAIN SOFTWARE 50 IN 2017

Main Capital Partners has named Yellowstar as one of the 50 fastest growing software companies in the Netherlands.

Yellowstar NUMBER 523 IN FT1000 IN 2016

The Deloitte Fast50 is an annual election of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands.


Yellowstar received an FD Gazellen Award. With this award growing companies are put in the spotlight.