Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading, globally operating dredging company, offshore contractor and maritime service provider. The company uses Star Flow Supply Chain to reliably and efficiently organise the logistics of all articles destined for Boskalis’ many projects and own ships. As a result, employees are always able to optimally operate anywhere in the world.

  • One single system, from the order from the ERP to delivery
  • Web-based operation for easy global collaboration
  • Real-time insight into stocks and current orders
  • Available 24/7, no inconvenience due to time zones
  • Streamlined logistics with minimal risk of error
  • End to e-mails, Excel sheets and telephone calls

Spread across six continents, Boskalis is active in many different fields: transport and installation of offshore platforms, construction of ports, tunnels and canals, land reclamation, coastal reinforcement, construction of offshore wind farms, laying of pipelines, nautical service provision in ports and much more. From its head office in the Netherlands, Boskalis constantly purchases various items for its many own ships and projects all over the world. The logistics of this runs through warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Denmark, among others.

Improved implementation of logistics

For every project, the work must always continue and no ship must ever come to a standstill. The interests are too considerable and the costs too high for that. This makes it essential that parts (but also paint, toilet paper, etc.) are always delivered on time anywhere in the world. Around 2010, this spurred Boskalis to increase its focus on logistics. The aim was to make shipments more transparent and less prone to errors, at lower logistics costs.

Every step visible in real time with Star Flow Supply Chain

To this end, Boskalis uses Star Flow Supply Chain. From the company's ERP, purchase orders run directly into Star Flow Supply Chain. From here, each participating warehouse is able to efficiently plan every transport and easily connect all the links within Boskalis for this. The transport is organised at different consolidation levels: container, pallet, package and unit. All transport-related documents - consignment note (CMR), certificates, pro-forma invoice, etc. - can also be bundled in Star Flow Supply Chain, thus making them accessible to everyone. Transport companies (sea, air, road) receive their transport orders directly from Star Flow Supply Chain.

Access anywhere

Warehouse managers at the projects can monitor Star Flow Supply Chain in real time across the globe. As a result, they always know which goods are en route, exactly where said goods are and when they are scheduled to arrive. In Star Flow Supply Chain, they can also request goods themselves, adjust the routing if necessary, etc. Without needing to call, email or exchange Excel sheets anymore. Thanks to Star Flow Supply Chain, misunderstandings and errors are prevented. Time zones are no longer a barrier: no one is dependent on the operating hours of local offices anymore. The web-based operation also makes it possible to deploy Star Flow Supply Chain in a neutral manner in frequently occurring collaboration projects of Boskalis with other parties.

Own dashboard for each link

Star Flow Supply Chain gives all the Boskalis employees who are involved in the execution of the logistics their own, personally customisable dashboard featuring all the necessary data. Every shipment can thus be closely tracked. By setting up alerts, proactive action can always be taken and it is possible to immediately anticipate and adjust at any time. Star Flow Supply Chain gives Boskalis complete control over its worldwide logistics.