Supported by innovative software from Yellowstar, Slavenburg & Huyser organises shippers’ entire supply chains for them. From entering purchase orders, directing suppliers and transport movements to delivery. Every step is visible in real time in a clear dashboard, down to the level of individual items. If there are deviations, Slavenburg & Huyser immediately make adjustments. Phone calls, e-mails and spreadsheets are no longer needed because the information is always up-to-date. Questions are handled quickly and easily via chat.

  • Complete organisation of supply chains
  • No more phone calls, e-mails or spreadsheets
  • Advanced 4PL service  
  • Unique chat feature for direct contact
  • Every step is traceable and controllable in real time
  • Digital yet personalised

Founded in 1949, Slavenburg & Huyser is a renowned shipbroker and freight forwarder providing services throughout the world. CEO Leo Poot is convinced that new times demand a different approach from the Rotterdam-based company. "Transparency is quickly becoming more important in logistics. Reliability is paramount. Shippers want to be able to respond immediately the moment something changes in the supply chain. Moreover, new generations of clients no longer want to have to phone or e-mail, they want everything handled digitally." Slavenburg & Huyser are therefore developing into a 4PL logistics provider that does much more for shippers than a traditional forwarder. "As a 4PL provider, we organise the entire supply chain for shippers from order to delivery. In doing so, we make each step digitally visible down to item level and therefore controllable." 


Advanced service

To this end, Slavenburg & Huyser has implemented Star Flow Supply Chain from Yellowstar. This web-based software joins together all the links in the supply chain and is directly connected to Slavenburg & Huyser's transport management system (TMS). Poot: "We can now offer the medium-sized shippers who are our main focus the same supply chain software that, for example, a big company like Blokker uses. Individually, that would not be affordable for them. But because we serve multiple clients, they can now get it through us. As a result, our customers benefit from an advanced service for proactively managing their goods flows throughout the supply chain. They no longer have to worry about keeping on top of that themselves. Companies can concentrate on their core businesses and continue to grow, without needing extra people for their logistics organisations."


Easy connection

Slavenburg & Huyser's 4PL service is very straightforward to use. Thanks to the web-based and responsive operation of Star Flow Supply Chain, a smartphone is all you need. Which is useful for connecting small suppliers in Asia, for example. In Star Flow Supply Chain, every new pathway begins with the entry of a purchase order by the shipper or by Slavenburg & Huyser on their behalf. The supplier then confirms the order in the application and from then on communicates the progress of production and the feasibility of agreed delivery dates at pre-arranged times. Slavenburg & Huyser immediately see any deviations in the Star Flow Supply Chain Control Tower and can intervene directly if necessary. Thanks to their own dashboard, shippers can also view their entire supply chain from the supplier to the final destination at a glance. All milestones are visible in real time. The shipper always knows exactly which items are in transit and when they will arrive. All the steps are linked together seamlessly, so avoiding sky-high demurrage & detention costs. Moreover, employees of the shipper no longer have to check the status of the cargo day in and day out.


Digital and personal

Information is increasingly becoming a product in itself in logistics, Poot observes. "We are making a huge investment in this, using Star Flow Supply Chain as a tool to unlock all the information." At the same time, the CEO adds, shippers still need be able to speak to someone in person. "With the big logistics platforms, you get lost at those times. We really want to set ourselves apart by doing that differently."


Unique chat function

To optimise its service to customers, Slavenburg & Huyser have added the 'Social messaging integration' module to Star Flow Supply Chain. This comprehensive chat feature replaces the unstructured exchange of information via phone and e-mail. Questions are answered quickly and efficiently by chat. Every chat between shipper, supplier or agent and Slavenburg & Huyser is automatically linked to a specific order or transport movement. Which means the question, including its history, always goes straight to the right person.


Yellowstar as a partner

Slavenburg & Huyser worked towards the introduction of the 4PL service with Yellowstar step by step. "Yellowstar have absolutely demonstrated that they have the right knowledge and expertise in this process”, Poot says. "For us, Yellowstar have truly proven to be a partner in delivering our vision of increased customisation and added value for shippers."