Star Frame

Logistical development platform for planning and execution

Faster development and higher productivity using a logistical app

Star Frame makes it possible to create logistics applications even faster in order to increase your internal productivity. Star Frame includes standard user buttons and an extensive library of dialogues for logistics, including master data, contracts and tenders, order modules, execution and invoicing. Star Frame also has a wide range of management tools that include user roles, rights, security, workflow configuration, screen individualisation, shortcut navigation and speech recognition.


Star Frame provides scalability and improves productivity

Extensive library of components

Including multimedia components for storing images

Available 24/7

Available 24/7 in the Cloud or on premise

Advanced security

Advanced security and encryption

Faster development

Faster development and boost to productivity

Many standard functions

Including adjustable toolbars and workflow navigation

Scalability of Oracle

And an easy integration into all Yellowstar products

What customers think about Star Frame

PSA Antwerp
Thanks to Star Frame, we can now develop our business faster. Which is essential in the rapidly changing world of logistics. Star Frame is also increasing our productivity thanks to the high degree of individualisation per user.
Star Frame is also a renovation tool that enables us to keep whatever is useful. Parts of our obsolete logistical applications turned out to be in good shape and are now available in the new environment thanks to reversed engineering.
"Star Frame in combination with the Yellow Sprint approach has provided us the most effective solution within a short timeframe. Within the project there was room for progessive insight into the logistic functionalities."

How Star Frame works

Frequently asked questions

How does Star Frame work?

Star Frame is a development platform from Yellowstar that was built over Oracle Apex. All the user buttons are standard, such as data retrieval, fast search, editing, deletion, filtering, xls export. Star Frame includes an extensive library of fully-developed dialogues for logistics, such as master data, contracts and tenders, order modules, execution and invoicing. These can be reused for every desired implementation. And then there are the management tools that make Star Frame so user-friendly.

How can Star Frame be integrated into the other Yellowstar products?

Star Frame works in an integrated way with Star Access and Star Talk. The Star Access portals are an extension of an internal IT application. Every external user can use Star Access, whether or not enhanced with Star Talk’s social functions. When Star Connect is in use, we can directly import data sets from external sources. Then, for example, orders can be imported into your system as if they had been entered by your own employees. 


Can we use Star Frame for further development?

Yes, you can. Star Frame is an Oracle Apex application, an open source environment in which you develop further. Needless to say, there are Apex specialists available on the labour market. You can also decide to train your own IT employees in cooperation with Yellow Advice and in that way make your IT organisation more self-sufficient and familiar with this new technology.

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