• Optimal cooperation with carriers     
  • Less time spent on making calls
  • Efficient coordination of orders and rates
  • Stronger ties with carriers
  • Improved service provision to customers

BASAMRO Logistics Group is a forwarder specialising in road transport throughout Europe. In order to always provide customers with an optimal solution, the company has built up a network that comprises more than 4000 carriers. Through Star Portal Carriers, these transport companies are now able to each day view the available transport orders in real-time and register for them by e-mail. This allows BASAMRO to further strengthen its relationship with carriers. With hundreds of transport orders per week, the use of the portal also means less time spent on making calls.

“We sometimes also refer to ourselves as a transport broker,” says Wilfred Lardenoije of BASAMRO Logistics Group, which among other things focuses on European road transport. "We can arrange everything for our customers and always seek out the best parties for this.” Service and a good price/quality ratio are essential in that respect. “Honouring your promise at the agreed rate. Irrespective of whether this entails a short drive to the Ruhr area or a multi-day trip to Scandinavia.”

Portal gives carriers real-time insight

BASAMRO does not have its own means of transport and hires all necessary capacity. Since early 2020, the company has been making further efficiency gains in this respect through Star Portal Carriers. Lardenoije: “Carriers that we know and trust are able to log in to this portal themselves and thus see transport orders that are made available in our in-house system in real-time. With one click of the mouse, they can request specific information by e-mail. Next, we directly agree upon a rate. This saves us a lot of calling around.”

A second option that BASAMRO now has is the ability to send mailings each day to selected carriers from their own system. “This can be done on a highly specific basis, for example for transport from Rotterdam to Germany. I am able to select which carriers should receive the mailing in that respect.”

Working faster and strengthening relationships

“Another important goal for us as BASAMRO is to also use the portal to further strengthen our relationship with carriers,” continues Lardenoije. “This is particularly important in times when a lot of cargo is available to carriers on the market. Furthermore, our freight volumes have substantially increased over the years. As BASAMRO Logistics Group, we perform hundreds of trips per week. We want to further automate this so that we can quickly classify freight according to a fixed rate. This also gives us more time to focus on our service provision to customers. The Yellowstar tool helps us with that.”