An overview of our client references

Star Flow Terminals offers neska INTERMODAL greater efficiency

neska INTERMODAL relies on Star Flow to organise the logistical process at its six inland terminals. This system was developed in collaboration with Yellowstar to be used on top of the existing ‘legacy’ system and offers several advantages.

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How HOYER kept control in a large transport application transformation project

Keeping control on the supply chain is key for Logistics Service Providers. In a large project in which HOYER transformed both backoffice and frontoffice applications, HOYER was able to maintain control. The success was made possible using Oracle DB and APEX software.


Supply Chain transparency via web portal at Vonk en Co

The logistics web portal gives the customers of logistics service provider Vonk & Co continuous and real-time insight in the flow of goods. Star Flow is a portal extension which can be connected easily to existing IT systems like TMS and WMS.


Supply Chain application at Boskalis

Dredging company Boskalis was looking for a proven warehousing solution with transport functionalities. Because of the flexible and project-driven focus of the webbased supply chain forwarding system, this proved to be a better solution for controlling its logistics activities.


ACL Airshop accelerates repair processes at Schiphol and improves forecasting

The cloud based solution Star Flow provides the repairer of Unit Load Device air containers with more control on their repair processes and the workflow that goes with it. ACL Airshop can also react quicker to repair requests.