DVR Warehousing is an established name in the port of Rotterdam, especially regarding the storage of aerosols and lithium batteries. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of options for the storage of hazardous substances, chemicals and other specific goods. The company serves a multitude of clients that have high standards in terms of service provision and the associated exchange of data. With Star Connect from Yellowstar, DVR can simply connect their own WMS and TMS to the systems of customers via EDI to achieve this. Dirk van Rooijen, General Director DVR: “We can customise these interfaces to meet any requirement.”

✔ Quickly and efficiently create EDI connections
✔ Tailored to the needs of DVR and customer
✔ Optimal data exchange without manual actions
✔ Supplementary to the existing WMS and TMS
✔ DVR can realise interfaces itself in one or two days

DVR Warehousing is a driven family company that operates branches in the port of Rotterdam at respectively the Maasvlakte and the Europoort. The company has over 70 employees and two warehouses, which combined cover a surface area of more than 30,000 m2. In addition to storage, DVR Warehousing provides various additional services here, such as packaging, labelling and testing. Physical distribution and customs clearance are offered as well. DVR has all the permits for the safe and efficient storage of hazardous materials, chemicals and other commodities. The warehouses meet the most stringent requirements. Among other things, storage areas as equipped with a CO2 gas extinguishing installation, a class-3 alarm system and 24/7 camera security.

Quickly realising EDI link-ups via Star Connect

The customers of DVR are companies with stringent standards in terms of quality, safety and efficiency for the storage of their goods. The proper use of IT is indispensable for DVR in this respect, both in terms of organising the company’s own operations and the exchange of data with customers. DVR works with a WMS and TMS from BluJay. The company called upon Yellowstar to create the link-ups with customers from here. The Enterprise Service Bus from Star Connect made it possible to realise the first two EDI connections with customers in a short period of time. Both were tailor-made to meet their requirements. Dirk van Rooijen: “Thanks to the connections via Star Connect, we are always able to optimally serve our customers. Furthermore, automatic data exchange eliminates the need for retyping and prevents mistakes.”

For the first customer - a manufacturer of hairdressing products – the EDI link-up makes it possible to directly send outbound orders to DVR from their ERP system. Star Connect converts these into picking orders in the WMS. These are next used by the warehouse staff to collect the requested goods and prepare them for further distribution. For the second EDI link-up, both a forwarder and his client have been connected to the WMS of DVR via Star Connect. The entire data exchange process, from inbound order and stock overview to outbound order, is covered via EDI in this way.

Subsequent EDI link-ups are done by DVR itself

Yellowstar has realised the first two EDI connections for DVR via Star Connect. DVR can now start connecting subsequent customers themselves. In standard situations, DVR is thus able to establish an EDI link-up in one to two days. Always with the support of Yellowstar where necessary, of course.