Hoyer Fachspedition GmbH chooses webbased TMS software

Hoyer Fachspedition GmbH asked Yellowstar to transfer their internally developed TMS application to a webbased TMS software environment; a rich userinterface that is entirely based on webtechnology.

Via the transition, all 24 offices of the largest carrier of Europe, with more than 3500 own vehicles, will gain access to the most modern internet software (SaaS).

Logica delivered its expertise in the preliminary stage. During the proof of concept phase, the Hoyer TMS with over 2000 entry screens was tested extensively in a laboratory environment. This way, Hoyer could deploy the new system this year already. The whole team of Yellowstar owes the Logica and Hoyer team for its confidence in our proprietary webbased TMS software. 

About Hoyer

Hoyer is an international logistics company and one of the worldwide marketleaders in transporting liquids, chemicals, gas, minerals, and oil via road, rail, and water. With 24 locations and more than 3500 trucks, Hoyer is the largest chemical carrier in Europe. Hoyer is a family owned company, which exists more than 60 years.