Supply Chain integration application at Wemmers Tank Transport

Logistics service provider Wemmers Tanktransport currently faces several challenges: reduction of CO2 emissions, pricing pressures, customer requirements regarding hygiene and safety, changing laws and regulations, and labor shortage of good planners. To progress all transport orders in a good performance, Wemmers currently uses a TMS and a simple planning board. Moreover, all trucks are fitted with Transics boardcomputers.

CEO and owner of Wemmers Tanktransport (Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen): "with the current software we can continue our operations for a few more years, yet I am always looking for improvements and flexibility for the future. Together with Yellowstar, an investigation has started to create insight into which processes can be supported in a better way and which improvement will result in the highest ROI. The people who have to bear and should realize these improvement processes are very important, perhaps even more important than the software itself. "

Cooperation with Transics, Ortec & Yellowstar

Wemmers has been working with the solutions of Yellowstar and Transics since many years. Based on this cooperation and the cooperation of the two parties with Ortec in the Transport initiative, the APS (Advanced Planning Scheduling) of Ortec was chosen. The Transport Initiative started 3 years ago during the ICT & Logistics fair in Utrecht. Aim of the cooperation is the exchange of market trends and demands / wishes for vision-and productdevelopment.

Again van den Nieuwenhuizen: "I prefer 'one stop shopping'; however 1 standard system can never support all functions in an optimal and flexible way. As a specialist in liquid bulk transport, you’ll also need different software modules where you can design these specific cases in a flexible way. Moreover, many specialized features you should have as a standard onboard.

Yellowstar will take care of the information exchange of orders and master data between the TMS and Ortec OTD. Earlier, the EDI/communication module was used at Wemmers for the supply chain integration with carriers via Transwide.

Yellowstar - always on the move


Realtime Cargo information via web portal at Ritra Cargo

The Yellowstar web portal can be linked to any logistics system by using standard web services. Ritra Cargo has realtime and 24/7 access to relevant information in the entire supply chain and can now make the information available to their customers and agents.

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Supply Chain transparency via web portal at Vonk en Co

Logistic provider Vonk en Co went live with Star Flow, a logistic web portal of Yellowstar. The portal gives customers a continuous and real-time insight in the flow of goods. Star Flow is a portal extension which can be connected easily to existing IT systems like TMS and WMS.

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Caliber opens stores two weeks faster thanks to solution Yellowstar

Caliber is involved in a special supply chain niche market, namely worldwide support of opening chain stores. Using project based logistics, the company offers end-to-end visibility from the design to the delivery of a store decoration.

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