Peter Appel live with web-based ESB integration module

The primary goal of Peter Appel Transport to use the Yellowstar application is to improve and accelerate the payroll process. The ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) integration module runs on the central web server at the head office in Middenmeer (North Holland). 

Real-time integration between Afas & Logicway

The Yellowstar ESB/integration module allows Peter Appel Transport to exchange data in a structured, controlled and secure way.

Via a real-time interface with the Afas Profit system and Logicway FleetWatch system, can the Yellowstar ESB integration module automate the process of collecting and mailing paychecks and corresponding pay slip. The ESB matches this information to a specific employee. The employee receives his/her paycheck + attachments as an encrypted PDF via the e-mail. The employee can open the received PDF only with a personal PIN code. This way the privacy-sensitive information reaches the right person.

Organized and fast integration project

The integration module was delivered by Yellowstar applying the principle of ” Agile Scrum”. The big advantage for Yellowstar and Peter Appel is that the project can be completed quickly, effectively and with great support. This way we can achieve quick results through the phased implementation of solutions (every 2-3 weeks). 

Following the successful implementation of the ESB integration module Yellowstar will implement other improvements at Peter Appel Transport, such as Centrale Masterdata and Shell FuelSave.  


Yellowstar - always on the move


Blokker supply chain fully transparent with help from Yellowstar

Over a period of six months, retail chain Blokker has completely restructured its supply chain from the Far East. Using Yellowstar’s Star Flow Supply Chain, every order is now fully transparent and controllable, from the factory in China to the warehouse in Geldermalsen. Read the case study.

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Customised is the new standard!

Would you refer to your company as ‘standard’? Surely not, right?  Then why do companies settle for a standard product for their IT? Opting for a standard IT product holds many limitations. Customisation on the other hand combines the best of both worlds: a standard basis with a demand-oriented IT solution.

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Supply Chain transparency via web portal at Vonk en Co

The logistics web portal gives the customers of logistics service provider Vonk & Co continuous and real-time insight in the flow of goods. Star Flow is a portal extension which can be connected easily to existing IT systems like TMS and WMS.

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