Caliber opens stores two weeks faster thanks to solution Yellowstar

From a supply chain point of view, the worldwide opening or renovation of store chains asks for special knowledge and competences. Caliber offers these services, whereby their IT platform plays a crucial role. The supply chain collaboration platform from Yellowstar -implemented in collaboration with Caliber- takes care of transparency, efficiency and lower costs.

International retailers have their physical stores, restaurants or showrooms furnished by Caliber. These include La Place, Unilever, Subway, Supertrash and Victoria’s Secret. Using project based logistics, the company offers end-to-end visibility from the design to the delivery of a store decoration. Caliber works from offices in the United States, Dubai and Hong Kong. The headquarters is in the Netherlands- in Arnhem. From these locations, amongst other things, planning of the complete logistics – such as various warehouses and chain parties who take care of transport, delivery and installation – and control of contractors.

Service company with a large IT component

“We are a service company with a large IT component”, says CEO Jeroen Scholten. He started Caliber when he, during a previous function at Starbucks, concluded that there were no companies who could support new store openings with logistics and project management. Consequently, he started to do this himself.

Since the beginning, 10 years ago, IT played a crucial role in this. “Initially, we built all kinds of systems ourselves to support our activities” says Scholten. “These systems worked fine internally (for intra-chain) but the logistic data was not directly visible for our partners and customers (for extra-chain). It was sometimes hard to show our added value with all those separate systems, and it was relatively expensive. Thus, we went searching for a party that could make our IT more efficient.”

Project Logistics

Due to the specific activities of Caliber, the search for one system was not easy. Scholten: “In the end, we recognized that our activities are, in many ways, similar to offshore. The project based logistical character of the offshore activities could be compared with our store development: we work with temporary warehouses, handle big and complex products, that have to be moved from A to B, internationally, and the logistic costs are subservient to the price of the product. Furthermore, it is crucial that the construction work keeps going on for more than 300 stores.”


Due to the specific activities, Yellowstar came into the picture. Yellowstar, amongst other things, has created software for the offshore industry, in which chain collaboration and flexibility are key. Mainly the project based logistic component of this software and the possibility to process the temporary use of warehouses fit well. Jeroen Scholten: “Given our specific requirements, we have chosen for one central IT system implemented by Yellowstar”. The platform enables collaboration between customers, suppliers and contractors. Every party has access to the platform with a few clicks. Because of this insight and overview, all stakeholders can anticipate at changes on construction premises and, in that way, minimize downtime.


React and adjust

“Our customers want control over the supply chain of store development. With this supply chain collaboration platform, we can visualize the whole process, and adjustments can be made real-time and where needed. That is the core of our proposition, and why our customers appreciate us.” After the implementation, customers can open their stores 2 to 3 weeks earlier, and with less personnel. In addition, the agreed service levels and the deadlines in every part of the world can be realized by using local players. “With the Yellowstar-platform, we can reduce costs and achieve earlier turnover. At the same time, we can show that the efficiency is much higher, resulting in faster store opening. Customers can move faster and generate more business thanks to the Yellowstar platform.”

Summary of benefits for Caliber Global

  • Chain transparency 
  • No need for an in-house IT department 
  • Fast delivery and the store opens 2 to 3 weeks earlier 
  • Start working immediately, no endless manuals, no weeks of training 
  • Satisfied customers, ability to meet demand in a very demanding market

Yellowstar - always on the move


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