Yellowstar collaborates with Twiki Solutions for fully transparent supply chains. The Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker provides/offers a 24/7 reliable ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) for an ocean vessel's arrival in the port. Yellowstar integrates this ETA and other ship and cargo information provided by Twiki (such as ATA, Transshipment Port data, Discharge, Gate-out and Gate-in) for both exports and imports into its comprehensive order management services from supplier to final destination. Customers can thus further improve the quality of their logistics chains and significantly reduce costs.

Reliable ETA crucial

An accurate ETA is often crucial for organising the onward journey from the seaport. Many companies therefore have employees constantly scan shipping companies' and terminals' websites for reliable ETA information. A time-consuming and costly approach, which moreover only works during office hours. Through the Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker, Twiki Solutions offers a digital assistant that makes all that work unnecessary. The young company's software robots automatically check all shipping company and terminal websites 24/7 for up-to-date ETAs. Sven-Olav Montijn, Director Sales & Marketing Twiki Solutions: "Based on the ETAs in the Twiki Power Advanced Container Tracker, companies can reliably plan their follow-up transport and inform customers. Additionally, our digital assistant also provides information on the ATA (Actual Time of Arrival), Transshipment Port data, Discharge, Gate-out and Gate in for both exports and imports. With this, we offer complete visibility of ocean freight transport."

Addition to Yellowstar services

For Yellowstar, Twiki's ship and cargo information is an important addition to its existing supply chain services. Via an API, Twiki information becomes part of Star Flow Supply Chain for optimal order management. The dashboard instantly shows any change in ETAs. Orfeo Ost, Manager Product Development Yellowstar: "Reliable ETA information is the start of a smooth follow-up process for companies. Chain partners and customers can be informed much more proactively about changes. Moreover, not having to check ETAs manually saves our customers substantial personnel costs. Often rapidly rising costs for demurrage & detention are also a thing of the past. Logistics chains really do improve thanks to reliable ETA information."