Logistics in Offshore: Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

On Sunday 17 March 2013 (09:55 AM – 10:25 AM, RTL 7), offshore construction company Huisman Equipment and logistics software supply Yellowstar appeared in the national television program ‘Ondernemend Nederland’. Go behind the scenes to see the importance of logistics processes in the offshore industry. This market is characterized by extremely high penalties and strict deadlines. The TV broadcast focuses on the logistics processes of Huisman and the supporting role of Yellowstar. 

Video RTL 7: ICT & logistiek in the offshore

Gert Geeve (logistiek manager Huisman) emphasizes the importance of a transparent IT-system for a reliable logistis process. In the world of offshore companies, the damage of an down-time offshore vessel can be tons a day…

Have a look at the TV broadcast. The items last 2 minutes.