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New is really better

We still regularly come across outdated software in the logistics sector. At first glance, nothing seems wrong with this. However, how long can you still have a black and white television repaired? Anyone who needs to have something programmed in Basic or Cobol will have to do their recruiting in a retirement home.


Customised is the new standard!

Would you refer to your company as ‘standard’? Surely not, right?  Then why do companies settle for a standard product for their IT? Opting for a standard IT product holds many limitations. Customisation on the other hand combines the best of both worlds: a standard basis with a demand-oriented IT solution.


Learning from government IT projects

In mid-April 2019, Minister Schouten of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality pulled the plug on the development of a new IT system for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. How is it possible that IT projects for government clients keep failing?


Logistic innovation by data-integration

In project based logistics, demands and expectations are constantly increasing. The clients of our clients expect shorter delivery periods, higher predictability and more flexibility - but against the lowest cost possible. In this blog, I explain how data integration, chain collaboration and transparency can help to make logistic processes more efficient.