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Dear purchasers, please consider the logistics

Everything for the customer. Ultimately, that is the primary focal point for every company. In modern marketing, this is supported by buyer and customer journeys that help to provide insight into every step in a purchase process and can be organised in such a manner that they result in permanently happy customers.


Inbound and outbound logistics must come together as one

How can it be that items are consistently delivered too late or turn out to not be available at all? Inbound and outbound logistics are inextricably linked. The further back in the logistics chain, the more organisation and implementation become a black hole.


IT maturity: Maslow vs Nolan!

In 6 steps, the pyramid of Nolan describes the maturity stages which an organisation needs to go through. Every growth step in IT maturity elevates an organisation to a higher productivity level. Plan and take the time to structurally grow towards IT maturity. Read the blog of Hans Ketterings and Hans Hulsinga.


Getting rid of the elephant in the room

A supply chain is a complex process that comprises many players and is difficult to organise without IT. Continuing to put your ERP system central for the organisation of your supply chain is a dead end. That elephant has to be removed from the room. Read the blog of Hans Ketterings (Yellowstar) and Hans Hulsinga (UC Group).


Topper training in chain management

Welcome to the new world of chain management! What does it actually mean? Dominant chain parties could take the lead by establishing a chain platform that allows everyone to connect and share data. Read the blog of Hans Ketterings (Yellowstar) and Hans Hulsinga (UC Group).