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We need to fill the black hole in multimodal transport!

Is there anything left to say about multimodal digitisation, now that every multimodal operator or terminal has its own TMS or TOS? Yes, because that is far from being the whole story. The days are gone when automating your own processes is sufficient in the logistics chain.


Turn impersonal FTEs into engaged employees

It is a sensitive issue in many logistics business cases: calculating the impact automation will have on FTEs. Those involved often feel reluctant; surely we won’t be laying off people? Of course not, quite the contrary! In fact, automation is actually necessary right now in this current tight labour market to retain employees and to deploy them in a more meaningful manner.


Wheels vs IT

Although the coronavirus is not yet (fully) behind us, the economy is making a strong recovery. For logistics service providers active in road transport, this means new challenges. Because what is needed to ensure a healthy future? Investing in more trucks (and drivers as well)?


Chain collaboration is key for low code as well!

Just read the trade media and you almost cannot help but conclude that the development of software on the basis of pre-programmed building blocks is the egg of Columbus. To some extent, I agree with this. The development of software is definitely easier with low code than with a traditional programming language. There is a big however though. Low code is not a panacea that automatically makes companies self-reliant.


Dear purchasers, please consider the logistics

Everything for the customer. Ultimately, that is the primary focal point for every company. In modern marketing, this is supported by buyer and customer journeys that help to provide insight into every step in a purchase process and can be organised in such a manner that they result in permanently happy customers.