Break free

The rise of the computer meant the decline of your freedom. Toiling away day after day behind black and green screens in grey cubicles and shackled by standard software. Windows and the mouse made everything better, but the shackles remained. Now we have the internet and we do not want to repeat the same mistake by replacing Windows and the mouse by a browser and a touch pad. No, we are going to do everything differently. Yellowstar is giving you back your freedom.

The freedom of unrestricted cooperation in the supply chain thanks to a social intranet that links everyone with authorisation. But also thanks to open technology and ease of use. Everyone can do it. No manuals needed! The freedom of unlimited growth, thanks to the scalability of your software. The freedom to be connected 24/7 everywhere in the world. The freedom to organise your own work in order to achieve a good work-life balance. The freedom of working carefree in the cloud, leaving you some room to think about important matters: what are your plans for your organisation, or, what’s for dinner tonight?

Furthermore, let’s not forget that open source technology gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable IT-supplier for each and every project. 

Break free

Ultimate chain transparency: you can even see Doutzen Kroes cutting the ribbon at the end of it

Five thousand stores in fifty countries over a period of fifteen years. This means, let’s see..., a new store opening nearly every day?! Caliber, game changers in store development, ensures a stable flow of materials through the supply chain every day. They manage and plan the complete process, from concept to stores worldwide. All this achieved without their own IT department! How is that possible? Jochen Foss, operational director of Caliber, gives the answer.

International retailers have their physical stores, restaurants or showrooms furnished by Caliber in Arnhem. These include La Place, Unilever, Subway, Supertrash and Victoria’s Secret, represented by Doutzen Kroes at the moment. ‘We offer retailers an ultra short supply chain for store furnishing globally’, says Foss. ‘The time pressure is enormous. The retail market is high-paced and dynamic. You need to innovate constantly in order to continuously amuse, surprise and seduce demanding customers. Chain transparency and end-to-end visibility from design to completion allows for stores to open 2 to 3 weeks sooner.’

Ultimate chain transparency: you can even see Doutzen Kroes cutting the ribbon at the end of it

Suppliers can link up without any explanation needed

‘IT plays a crucial role in this entire process’, Foss continues. ‘Yellowstar’s Starsuite enables us to look through the chain. Fast, smart and simple. Record and retrieve information quickly and clearly. The ability to trace any order, accurate to the second, all the way to delivery. Clever recognition of chain bottlenecks and the ability to take immediate action. Pure simplicity in use. We work with a network of changing chain partners of an unprecedented scale. Sometimes a project can have up to 200 suppliers. Without any explanation needed, they can link to Yellowstar’s system. No endless manuals or weeks of training needed. Potential clients, suppliers and our own people can start working straight away. We no longer need an IT department of our own!’ 

So much online technology is required to open a physical store: isn’t that the world upside-down? ‘Online shopping causes stores to disappear from our streets. The balance will be restored at a certain point. We notice that due to fierce competition on the Internet, big brands opt for a physical presence in order to enhance the brand experience for the customers. Online and offline sales reinforce one another.’ And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a physical store at the end of the chain when Doutzen Kroes is cutting the ribbon?

Caliber works with Star Flow, Star Insight, Star Connect and Star Frame from Yellowsuite. Benefits for Caliber:

Chain transparency 
No need for an in-house IT department 
Fast delivery and the store opens 2 to 3 weeks earlier 
Start working immediately, no endless manuals, no weeks of training 
Satisfied customers, ability to meet demand in a very demanding market

We innovate together Cooperation with colleges, universities and knowledge institutes

You’ve seen something and you want it now, right now. Preferably, as cheaply as possible and that usually means it has to come from far away. Many people will recognise this. We are all consumers, fickle and demanding. But anyone who works in logistics knows how complex the process really is and how incredibly clever and sharp everyone in the chain needs to be to make this work. Continuous anticipation requires flexible and creative minds. We seek cooperation with universities, colleges and knowledge institutes to make sure the new generation is closely attuned to the daily reality of the logistics chain. And, of course, we get to cherry-pick. 

‘The guest lectures I give to economics’, logistics’ or information technology students are no IT pep talk’, says Frank Erftemeijer. ‘IT has a supporting role. It is about managing change and the mentality that goes with that. I tell them what happens outside the lecture hall. That companies want people with an open mind, who focus on opportunity, who take the initiative, bring ideas, ask critical questions and who will not be intimidated or lectured by the current generation. We challenge them to start taking action from behind their school desks.

We innovate together  Cooperation with colleges, universities and knowledge institutes

Cross chain cooperation

‘On the other hand, logistics companies, who can sometimes be surprisingly traditional, need to open up their organisation in order to share knowledge and to increase their value in the supply chain through tight cooperation. We are negotiating with Dinalog, who strive for and drive logistics innovation, to start 2 pilot projects for intermodal transport. We unite companies, educational institutions and the government for cross chain cooperation with the challenge of how to make data and big data reliable and transparent. 

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