Yellowstar’s hinterland platform offers flexibility and robustness

To meet consistently increasing performance requirements, many companies seek innovative IT solutions for their logistical processes. Yellowstar’s supply chain hinterland platform offers intermodal operators a solid basis with high speed data processing and rapid linking of all systems in the chain.

A good ICT-platform is essential

Frank Erftemeijer, Partner/Board Member at Yellowstar, explains why a good ICT platform is essential. Everybody wants speed in the supply chain. Companies also want to be able to respond to market trends. The supply chain hinterland platform Star Flow offers customers a strong basis for these requirements. ‘Every user in the chain is given the functions and data applicable to them, such as order input, track & trace, CMR, packing list, customs documentation and proactive alerts.’

Intermodal Hinterland Logistics

Yellowstar is active in various countries. In Germany, logistical service provider neska is a major customer. In Belgium Yellowstar is doing business with, among others, container terminal operator PSA, and in the Netherlands hinterland carrier neska Container Line uses its platform. All customers work with Star Flow, a supply chain platform all parties in the chain can connect to. The figures are impressive: over one thousand users in the United States, Dubai, Germany and many other countries across the globe. 

The future of logistics is in the control by 4PL companies and in the control of intermodal hinterland logistics, according to the company. ‘All of our customers want to benefit from supply chain control and an efficient flow of goods to and from the hinterland. Using Star Flow, customers and suppliers can manage the flows efficiently themselves. Systems are fully tailored to the customers’ and suppliers’ wishes and proactively provide information on any deviations.’



Anything can happen with intermodal transport. Risks cannot be ruled out. It is essential that problems are identified as soon as possible, so that adjustments can be made in time. Erftemeijer speaks of anti-fragility, a combination of robustness and flexibility. A customer must have a stable and robust system that can be scaled up smoothly when volumes increase or new customers join up. Yellowstar was established seven years ago and currently has offices in Barendrecht, Utrecht and Cologne. Erfetemeijer: ‘Yellowstar uses the Scrum methodology. This means that we – in collaboration with the customer – continuously improve the customer’s processes, facilitate innovation and create room for logistics managers to find creative solutions instead of wasting their time on administrative tasks.’

Yellowstar - always on the move


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