Yellowstar My-Day priority screen means 30% time savings for staff of neska

neska INTERMODAL, a container logistics specialist, is set to roll out the neska My-Day control tower developed by Yellowstar Solutions. The tool will be gradually rolled out across all of the German company's departments and will considerably simplify the employees' work. neska My-Day can be compared with a browser-type user interface, which shows all the tasks the employees need to complete in a single day. “I anticipate that it will reduce the time colleagues spend on order-related activities by 20 to 30 per cent,” says Joe Klinkhammer, who works in the IT Department at CTS Container-Terminal GmbH.

The roll-out of the tool called neska My-Day is the result of an excellent idea conceived by neska INTERMODAL which Yellowstar Solutions subsequently refined and technically implemented. The tool is designed to ensure employees focus only on the most important activities they perform in a single day. The solution ensures that only the information required for these activities is displayed. Disruptions such as copies of e-mail messages and information that is not immediately relevant can be viewed but will not appear in neska-Day. Klinkhammer: “Yet another benefit is that we'll soon have a tool with a contemporary look, a significant change over the current look and feel.” 

Tool filters most important matters out of systems used daily

The staff of the intermodal service provider in Cologne work mainly with two software systems on a daily basis: CMS to manage container flows and DMS to manage barge activities. “neska-Day displays the most important information from these two systems per day, per employee, so that they will no longer need to make enquiries with other departments or perform checks to find out whether the required transport is actually available,” according to Klinkhammer. Information that is typically displayed for employees includes booking confirmations, missing planning aspects, truck reservations and capacity, the expected sailings per route and direction, the expected train journeys, the last five bookings staff have worked on, etc.

Quick and clear overview of what is going well and what is not

Based on logical transport attributes, neska-Day clearly shows at any time of day what is going well and what is not, thus allowing employees to focus on the exceptions that do require attention while enabling the company to raise customer satisfaction levels. Klinkhammer expects that 70 per cent of the orders will be handled according to schedule, without any action required by the staff responsible for handling customer orders. Orders will continue to be entered according to the standard procedure since these systems still operate optimally, according to the IT manager. 

‘Roll-out to enhance customer service’

In early November neska will demonstrate the new My-Day priority screen to its staff, with the roll-out scheduled for early 2015. Almost all departments will be using the new priority screen. Klinkhammer is keen to launch the new tool because it represents a further enhancement of neska's services. “We do not operate in a market where high margins are the norm, which means it is key to ensure we optimise our services. neska-Day will not only help boost our performance but will also enable us to respond more effectively and swiftly to customer requirements.”

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