The trend in logistic and mobility: arranging a bicycle with an app

The Bikevertising Company (X-Bike), operator/supplier of bikes, developed an application together with Yellowstar, for two products: Hello-Bike and Student-Bike. The concept application enables X-Bike amongst other things to use location management and to predict the needs of customers. The primary reason for development of the application was a greening project at the Amsterdam Zuidas – X-Bike won a bike rental tender thanks to the app – but with regards to the future, the communication product, with the underlying neutral Yellowstar platform, offers much more possibilities.

The start of the cooperation between X-Bike and Yellowstar goes back to the end of 2016, when X-Bike enrolled themselves for a bike rental tender from the Municipality of Amsterdam. The tender belonged to a greening project around the Zuidas area. Because of growing employment in this part of town, the Municipality was looking for a way to reduce car traffic, and a bike project turned out to be a good alternative. X-Bike won the tender with the support of a Yellowstar demo. Meanwhile, the demo -in only two weeks(!)- has been converted into a functioning application, with which both Zuidas employees and students can be served. X-Bike now disposes of a tool that helps demand planning and forecasting for their bicycles. The number of bicycles, in the future, will only keep increasing.

GPS-tracking and advertising

Technically seen, the X-Bike application enables the back-end to register bicycles and maintenance. The core of the application consists of four elements: Mobility Assets (in this case: bicycles), Persons, Security Asset and Subscription Management. The front-end offers the possibility to serve customers. The user of the application installs it on his or her smartphone, adds credit and starts using it. Steps that belong to renting a bike are reserving one, opening it, checking historical (location) details, see points of interest and navigate. When the user takes a break, the app can show relevant advertisements. In the first version of the app, the so-called ‘must-haves’ have been implemented: GPS tracking and advertising


Student-Bike has mainly been developed for students who want to make use of a cheap bicycle, provided with advertisement. In the future, various functions can be added, such as gamification, and passing specific places or parking at strategic spots. A student can save extra points by doing that. For Ralph Atiya, Managing Director of the Bikevertising Company, the link between mobility and advertisement and the synergy of both is of major importance. “We show this by, on the one hand, offering free usage of bicycles, and, on the other hand, being the cheapest, with a rate of one euro per hour.”

Marketing possibilities

The win-win of this collaboration for X-Bike exists of logistic controllability and marketing possibilities. For Yellowstar, development of this app gives them the chance to use consumer demands and data in the world of business. Osman Akdemir, director of Innovations at Yellowstar: “Many suppliers of logistic software who serve the business market miss experience regarding the consumer market. This was a good chance for us to develop an intuitive app that functions on different platforms and devices. The app offers mobility-as-a-service with a link to logistics and supply chain. “X-Bike has supplementary insight in the renting process and which demand there is in the market for bicycles and several events. The app can be extended to multiple modalities, such as cars, a boat or even the public transport. Atiya: “developing this app learned us a lot. The same thing applies for our collaboration with Yellowstar. The modular and scalable aspects of the application are, for us, the most valuable components, because we need to act rapidly on large peaks in customer demand. The platform concept also supports the implementation of future initiatives. The security of underlying Yellowstar data is also well arranged.

Yellowstar - always on the move


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