Huisman Equipment: Supply Chain Portal organize and control all its logistics

With the Yellowstar supply chain forwarding web portal, offshore installation company Huisman Equipment can organize and control all its transports and logistic processes via 1 central system. The central supply chain web portal is 24/7 accessable via the internet-browser from every location & country (Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Singapore, Brasil, China, USA).

New central system because of future growth

Huisman Equipment transports a large number of supply-, maintenance- & projectequipment for the production of heavy offshore material between the different production locations, customers, suppliers, etc. To manage this logistical process and to support the increasing number of shipments, the supplier of offshore cranes used an external (webbased) applicationn, named ‘Hoogle’ since 2006. Because of the various shipment variants (PO’s, spare parts orders, after-sales orders, intercompany orders, etc.) and the different maintenance contracts with customers, Huisman needed 1 central system to organize and consolidate its entire supply chain. With massive growth of the offshore company in prospect, the supply chain forwarding portal offers Huisman sufficient support for a healthy future.

One central system for all transports

The purpose of the supply chain web portal is to consolidate all shipments efficiently from 1 central system. Via the integrated track & trace option, everyone has realtime, 24/7 and anywhere on the entire globe access to the transport status and the location of all goods. Also every employee has access to all transportation-related documents, such as CMR’s, photos, certificates, the Boxlist, Pro-forma invoice, etc.

Achieved improvements

Many improvements are achieved through the new system:

  • Designed for global Web usage, global accessibility, including all relevant documents.
  • Clear role division between logistics and other departments.
  • Reduction of communication between logistics and other departments (Purchase, After sales, Service, Finance), saving at least €50,- per shipment.
  • Due to improved efficiency, a significant reduction of workload at after sales.  
  • Faster invoicing after shipment is complete.
  • 50% reduction of time needed to process transport documents.
  • One uniform process directly linked to an order (A/S) or product document.
  • Improved traceability of all shipments, status changes will be visible to everyone  (even a drill down from the ERP = ISAH application to Yellowstar Tracking and Tracing module).
  • Increased/improved delivery reliability and performance (due to pro-active alerting options).
  • Uniform transport system is a pre-condition for an efficient intercompany process and being able to handle forecasted growth.
  • Uniform process, for direct shipping and returns.
  • Improved inventoryvisibility (in transit stock). (Data & application integration with WMS-Consafe Sattstore).
  • Conservatively estimated savings of 10% on total transport cost.
  • Due to the redesign of the different interfaces between Yellow Star, ERP- ISAH and WMS- Consafe, a root cause for stock differences will be eliminated.
  • “Fire & Forget” Logistics: Enter a transport request (even before the goods have been purchased and/or delivered) and follow the process meticulously via track and trace.
  • In case of deviations/delays, logistics will inform the requestor.
  • Direct access from ISAH to shipping details and documents.

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