Neele-Vat Logistics goes live with dashboard as umbrella system over Kewill

VAT Logistics has implemented Yellowstar’s web-based Dashboard & Management reporting tool, which provides the company with real-time and pro-active insights into its operations and the ability to intervene promptly wherever necessary.

One of VAT Logistics' requirements for the dashboard module was to easily integrate it into Kewill and Microsoft Sharepoint. Now that the implementation has been successfully completed, VAT Logistics has even more tools at its disposal to improve operational efficiency, generate insights and maintain control of logistics processes and the associated financial costs.

Monitoring performance of logistical processes

VAT Logistics selected Yellowstar’s Dashboard & Management reporting tool following thorough market research into Business Intelligence and reporting tools. The main reasons for selecting the Yellowstar software were: affordability, user-friendliness and the ease of setting up pro-active alerts in the dashboard. Another important factor was the way it integrated with VAT Logistics’ existing Kewill software and the option of using the dashboard as an umbrella for existing logistics software systems such as TMS and WMS. The system has also been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

The main dashboards were successfully implemented in around 5 weeks, following an analysis of KPI requirements, an inventory of the Kewill database and existing VAT Logistics processes. This has enhanced VAT’s monitoring of logistics performance in areas such as: picking, warehousing, departments, staff, customers, timeframes, inbound/outbound, and replenishment.

VAT Logistics is now also able to organise its own dashboards and KPIs as it sees fit. In addition to dashboard implementation, Yellowstar is making this process easier by providing training sessions to key users and IT consultants, though VAT Logistics will always be able to call on Yellowstar’s own logistics and IT expertise.


Follow-up project bij Neele-Vat Logistics

Having successfully implemented the dashboards, Yellowstar immediately started on a follow-up project for implementing the CRM & Quotation module. The introduction of this module will save VAT Logistics a lot of time in processing the variable weekly rates of shipping companies. After gathering the Carrier rates, the module will provide the logistics services provider with instant insights into margin fluctuations for current quotations. The Yellowstar quotation module provides VAT Logistics with all the carrier options for each route/product, simplifying the selection process for the shipping agent and enabling them to send a competitive quote to customers within minutes.

The Yellowstar Dashboard acts as an umbrella for all your systems and proactively alerts relevant people or departments to any scheduling problems, so users can make real-time adjustments. A single click enables them to drill down to the relevant data file. The Yellowstar ESB module has already been successfully used by companies including Nijhof Wassink, Samskip, Van Dieren, Wemmers Tanktransport and Oegema Transport.

The Yellowstar Dashboard can be integrated with all sorts of systems, such as: TMS, ERP, WMS, FMS, APS, Finance, etc. This extensive integration capability enables a centralised overview of business processes and performance. The information is available not just to internal departments, but can also easily be shared with associates and made accessible in web browsers. This transparency and real-time insight into the business means that other parties in the supply chain can rely on and make good use of your information.


Yellowstar - always on the move


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