Every day, Vonk & Co delivers more than 15,000 household appliances to shops and consumers throughout the Netherlands. To ensure a flawless implementation, Yellowstar has served as the regular software partner for many years already. Thanks to the close cooperation, the logistics service provider is able to optimally manage all of its processes and exchange data with customers, drivers and recipients in real time, from the issuing of orders to invoicing. CEO Stephan Vonk: “We are continuously improving our process - and therefore our service provision - together with Yellowstar.”

IT as the basis for further business growth

Optimal control via central TMS, directly linked to other applications

Customer portal for real-time data exchange with recipients

Fast and efficient handling of charter trips

Continuous improvement through structural interaction with Yellowstar

From the Betuwe, Vonk & Co arranges the delivery of millions of household appliances for a wide variety of white goods manufacturers. The logistics service provider owes its unique position to its distinctive service provision. Stores receive multiple brands simultaneously (instead of a separate delivery service for each brand). But Vonk & Co also delivers directly to consumers, including professional installation if required. An absolute growth market, says Stephan Vonk. “More and more manufacturers are starting to sell to consumers online. We are responding to that trend and are investing heavily in home delivery.”

Vonk & Co's software partner

Yellowstar has been Vonk & Co's software partner for many years already. Vonk: “Yellowstar structurally thinks along with us. They partly develop, partly advise us on specific solutions and Yellowstar also guides these kinds of processes. For a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) that we are implementing, for example. Yellowstar itself next provides the links with our central Transport Management System (TMS) via Star Connect.

Paperless and faster operations

Step by step, Yellowstar has thoroughly revamped Vonk & Co's TMS over the past three years. The TMS is now a full-fledged Star Flow Supply Chain application, fully scalable, expandable as desired and linkable with other systems. All transport orders from white goods manufacturers automatically enter the TMS; this is also where the planning and management of the execution takes place. Yellowstar recently linked a new digital invoicing module to the TMS. Invoicing used to be a completely manual operation, but it is now performed fully automatically. Vonk: “Through further digitalisation, we strive to work with as little paper as possible, and therefore faster. More and improved insight into data flows gives us the opportunity to actually steer on KPIs.”

Track & trace via Star Portal Customers

For the exchange of data with the outside world, Vonk & Co uses Star Portal Customers, which is linked to the TMS. “Via this customer portal, both our clients and the recipients can see the exact moment when equipment is delivered,” says Vonk. “We always notify shops and consumers in advance of the arrival of our drivers.” A new digital consignment note from Aventeon makes the track & trace that is available through Star Portal Customers even more advanced. “Recipients can almost track the transport of their order in real-time. You can virtually see the delivery person entering the street on the screen.”

Streamlined data exchange with charters

In addition to its own fleet of more than 70 trucks, Vonk & Co hires a large number of charters each day. As many as 50 vehicles a day in busy times. As part of the customer portal, these drivers submit their hours and kilometres after each journey. Vonk: “This ensures that we have overview and insight at all times. As a subsequent improvement, we will start sending them credit notes for their delivered performance instead of receiving invoices from the charters. This saves us a lot of time that we would otherwise lose to the checking of invoices. In this way, we also keep that invoice flow manageable.”

Continuous improvement together with Yellowstar

“IT is increasingly gaining in importance to us,” Vonk concludes. “In a changing market, we want to offer good service at all times. Stability is essential for this. We have weekly operational IT consultations and a monthly budget call with Yellowstar. In addition, we regularly discuss the future. Together with Yellowstar, we are thus continuously improving our process and therefore our service provision.”