Berkman Forwarding saves time with quotation module

International Cargo Agent/Freight Forwarder Berkman has recently implemented the improved quotation module of Yellowstar Solutions. The implementation of this module will save the company a lot of time in creating and updating quotations. 

More reliable data

The implemented logistics quotation module is an integrated Softpak add-on, the dispatching system which Berkman already works with. The Berkman Forwarding’s users can automatically and easily apply and calculate all carriers’ purchasing rates while composing quotations and contracts. Furthermore, due to automatisation the margins are always up-to-date and accurate. Thus, the data reliability has increased and the probability of incidental loss has disappeared.

Certain options of the quotation module, such as creating customer-specific templates, defining customer groups and setting up proactive alerts for different notifications, speed up the quotation process. Freight Forwarders, such as Berkman Forwarding, behave often like stock exchange traders. They spend a lot of time on monitoring and adjusting continuously changing carrier rates in their current quotations.

Predicting trends, complementary project

With the Yellowstar quotation module the agents are more responsive to the changes and have improved insight to be able to forecast and anticipate trends andadjust the spot rates/ contracts accordingly. Having implemented the Quotation module Berkman Forwarding started a follow-up project for implementing the Yellowstar Web Portal Order Management System.