Yellowstar Solutions is prepared to become part of the ICT Group N.V. in January 2021. Our intention in welcoming this new shareholder is to lay the foundations to serve our clients even better in the future, by providing web-based software solutions for optimal chain cooperation in manufacturing, trade, retail and logistics. Our clients, however, will experience no change whatsoever in terms of our day-to-day practices. We at Yellowstar will continue to operate independently, which implies that you retain your customary persons, and can rely on both our distinguishing service provision and innovative approach that revolves around people.

Further information about the ICT Group is available on its website. Moreover, you can read the press release concerning ICT Group’s acquisition of Yellowstar shares.

We wish you a very pleasant festive season. Plan yourself a smile!

If you have any questions, please contact Rianne Groffen (CCO), by phone +31 (0)88 141 88 00 or e-mail to