Yellowstar is one of the 50 Most Vital Companies in the Netherlands

A sustainable and successful future for our Stars

Yellowstar has made the list of 50 Most Vital Companies in the Netherlands. Among other things, this means our employees feel positive about such themes as leadership, health, vitality, personal development and involvement.

The outcome has been calculated on the basis of a Lifeguard Energy Scan completed by employees. The fifty companies that invest the most in the energy levels of their employees and strive for sustainable success for the future are allowed to carry the title Most Vital Company in the Netherlands.

About the search for the Most Vital Companies in the Netherlands

For the seventh time, ONVZ and MKB-Nederland organised the search for The Most Vital Company in the Netherlands. All companies that participated in the survey were assessed on 7 themes: strategy, culture and leadership, flexibility, health and vitality, healthy entrepreneurship, communication and involvement. Companies with a high combined Net Vitality Score, Quickscan Vital Organisation Score and Vitality Promoter Score earned a spot in the list of 50 most vital companies in the Netherlands.

Net Vitality Score (NVS)
The Net Vitality Score gives an indication of the vitality of an organisation: the extent to which a company has tapped into its emotional, mental and behavioural energy potential to pursue meaningful goals.

Organisational Vitality Quickscan (OVQS)
The Organisational Vitality Quickscan maps all the characteristics that positively or negatively impact the organisational vitality. The OVQS score is an average of the scores for the components Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Vitality Management, Development and Physical Work Environment.

Vitality Promoter Score (VPS)
The Vitality Promoter Score is calculated based on the question: “To what extent would you recommend your workplace to friends and family?".

Good recommendations and positive scores

Yellowstar's NVS is calculated based on four different energy scores: survival energy, performance energy, burnout energy and recovery energy. High scores on performance and recovery indicate that our Stars work with pleasure and enthusiasm and strongly identify with the business operations.

With an average OVQS score of 7.4, Yellowstar rates positively on all six characteristics. The highest scores go to the components Vitality Management, Personal Development and Leadership.

In conclusion, we can also be proud of our VPS. 95% of the employees surveyed indicate that they would recommend Yellowstar to friends and family with a score of 7 or higher.

Yellowstar - always on the move


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